Just bought my first anti-aging cream (Olay Regenerist)

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  1. Oh I just remembered a funny-

    In early November I saw my cousin who is 7 years younger than me, we hadn't seen each other in around 9 years. She looks the same, dammit - she is dark complected, so has some protection and never laid out in the sun tanning like I did. am very fair and rarely tanned wihtout the pain of burning (idiot!)

    She walks in the door and says Twice - in a row - "Your face looks so good! Your face looks so good"! There was a lot of commotion with relatives so I never got to ask her what she meant - I'm hoping it was the Olay! :P

    Hope she didn't think it was a facelift :rolleyes:
  2. thanks chessmont for your review on Olay. i went and bought micro-sculpting cream and the anti-age eye roller today. i just restocked on EL and Lancome serum but need a good night and day cream so giving this a try.
  3. enjoy using the regenersit products and they work.. which is the best part..
  4. in the commercials for olay regenerist, it says it beat out the "high end expensive" creams. does anyone know what face creams they are talking about?
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  6. I absolutely love Olay Total Effects! Its the best best best.. Olay is great!
  7. How's the acne caused from the moisture for you all? I'd try this stuff (I love the smell of Olay to begin with) but I'm worried it will cause TOO much oil for my easily -reactive face.