Just bought my first anti-aging cream (Olay Regenerist)

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  1. I was kind of dubious about all anti-aging products, but my drugstore was having a sale, so I figured what the heck... I'm 29, and just starting to see some fine lines around my eyes, plus last time I had a facial the woman called my freckles age spots! :cursing:

    Anyway, I really love the Regenerist night cream! My skin looked smoother and glowing when I woke up... makes me think I should have tried this stuff sooner. I also got a products that is supposed to even out skin tone, but it's only been two days so I don't really see a difference yet.

    I guess I'm converted.
  2. I have tried other higher-end products and I always go back to the Olay Regenist line. I truly love their products.
  3. I might have to try this line. Always looking for good drugstore items.
  4. I am 50 and love the Regenerist, too. I never seem to use the zillions of other samples I have...keep going back to Regenerist.
  5. Maybe I should give this product a try too. Does it make your skin feel tighter?
  6. Is it really moisturizing? I have such dry skin!
  7. The night cream is nicely moisturizing. The anti-age spot treatment can be a bit drying, so you'd want to stay away from that.

    It doesn't feel tight and uncomfortable, but my skin looks smoother.
  8. I have the olay regenerist lotion and at first I liked it alot but I think now it is starting to actual make my skin oily. Its almost too moisturizing for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe the serum would be better
  9. thanks!!
  10. I've heard so many good thinks about the Olay Regenerist skincare line. Oil of Olay is plain amazing for a drugstore product, this brand is comparable to lots of high-end skincare lines. I definitely need to check out this product. :heart:
  11. I've read a lot about this stuff and have wanted to try it out for myself. I'm 32 y/o now and have noticed a significant amount of fine lines around my eyes within the past 3 years. It's crazy. I don't know how this happened so fast. Anyway, I bought the Olay night cream (not regenerist) and it made me break out on my chin. For some reason, that is my breakout spot when I try new products. It seems like the only thing that doesn't make me break out is Hope in a Jar. I know that HIAJ does nothing for my wrinkles so I guess my best bet is to try Regenerist on my face except my chin huh?
  12. _ I have dry skin and use the Regenerist face and eye serum after washing my face before going to bed, and in the A.M My skin feels SO smooth in the morning!

    I like the brand so much, I buy various different things and switch around (I am addicted to face goo, but am trying to stick with drugstore)

    I sometimes use the Regenerist Microsculpting cream at night, and I feel it does tighten up the skin a bit, not as gentle as the above-mentioned serum.

    Olay now has a new upper-end line developed by Procter and Gamble, almost as expensive as some dept. store products ($40-ish), called PRO-X. Of course I was a sucker for it.

    But if you buy $50.00 or more from drugstore.com, there is free shipping and never any tax.

    I bought the PRo-X Age Repair Lotion SPF 30 and the PRO-X eye cream. Also bought one that is supposed to lighten age spots, of which I have a few now, being in my early 50's and worshipping the sun in my teens and twenties:sad:

    (I have no affiliation with OLay ;))

    I have some ROC anti-wrinkle day and night and eye products, but it seems to be a little harsher on my skin, so I only use it if I am not feelng very dry that day or evening.

    Sorry to write a book!
  13. Thanks chessmont! This is very informative. Should I use the serum too? What does that do?
  14. I just bought the Regenerist foam today. I thought it would be "lighter", so I will only be able to wear it at night.
    I can't seem to find a good anti aging cream/serum that is good for daytime that you can wear under makeup that isn't too heavy/sticky/oily
  15. Hell if I know, LOL:P

    Says it helps skin's appearance w/o drastic measures (chemical peels etc.) but of course not comparable. It can be used in the morning, not just as a night cream; is not heavy.

    It is light enough that I put it on, let it sink in and dry, and then put moisturizer on. If you don't have dry skin, I don't know, this might be too much stuff on the face. Then I put on my cream make-up.

    Olay also has a tinted moisturizer with regenerist ingredients and it is great, too! More coverage than any tinted moisturizer I have tried. When I am in a hurry and want to skip a few steps, I use this.

    You can get it - the regular serum and the eye serum (face serum is even in a larger bottle) at Costco usually, at cheaper prices than at drugstores.

    You could always just buy one bottle of each and see how it works for you. It is much less expensive than the PRO-X, which I bet is targeted to women my age (though I wouldn't limit it to one age group)

    Man, one can spend gobs of money even on drugstore brands!

    It's never too early to work on aging skin - wish I knew that back in my 20's.

    I remember the first upscale skin product I ever bought was Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizer when it first came out! And I was almost 30 (but I think before that I used the original pink oil of Olay- anyone my age remember that one?)