Just bought my final & ultimate bag... what next?

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  1. What accessories do you ladies/gents reccomend once your entire bag list is filled, ( well except for the black 25 cm)?
  2. Do you have the wallets, karos, key chains, agendas etc yet??
  3. Dishes! You can never have too many of them...
  4. Scarves, shawls, shoes, bracelets, jewelries?
  5. Lots of Bearn & Dogon wallets, RTW:heart:, Karo, Chiffon shawl...endless..heeheehehe:lol:
  6. scarfs, shawls, pointu, twillys !!!
  7. *BLUSHES*.... yes to alll, I still have no horse, saddle, but not too many RTW, Jewls, and shoes. I have Hermes-shopped for 20 years, so I need inspiration, I will not "cheat on my love -brand" have lately thought...furniture, and housewear.. but am open to all ideas! HELP!
  8. Love those... can not live with out them!
  9. That is a good idea, do not have dishes, just the chrystal...good suggestion! thanx !
  10. How about turning some scarves into pillows or framing some?
  11. avandome, which is your last and ultimate bag??? Did I miss that reveal??
  12. Dishes and flatware sounds good to me! I think that's where I'd head if I were in your shoes......porcelain and sterling are my 5th and 6th grand obsessions....
  13. ^^ You crack me up, D!!!!

    I agree about the dishes. You can have two sets for two entirely different looks, and then obsess about the flatware and stemware to go with.

    Or, perhaps you should look into acquiring a franchise? you are well qualified, and now that you are satiated, you wont eat into your own profits!
  14. I have not reaveled, out of fear of my SA "cornering" me in case I think of somethin else... but dishes and such soud good!
  15. If I was all "bagged out" I would become the best RTW customer, in a heartbeat!