Just bought my beautiful Muratori...here are some pics! YEAH

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  1. So gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new bag!
  2. Can you please post some modelling pics ? Pretty please ?

    I really want to buy this leather.

    What do you think of the leather ? Is it nice to the touch ?

    Is it hard to clean ?
  3. that's really pretty! the petal design is so unique.
  4. Wow, that is really beautiful! I have not seen that before, it's gorgeous - congrats!
  5. wow! It's a very pretty bag... The style is so unique and the color is beautiful.. So this is a new brand is it? Where did you find this? I hope I can get to see more of that brand soon.. :nuts::nuts:
  6. Very pretty and unique!!

  7. I love the bag but it does seem a bit expensive for a new designer.

    Thing is, I am really worried about dropping that kind of money on a bag I have never seen or touch IRL before.

    If the pricing is more similar to Linea Pelle I will purchase it in a heart beat.

    Thing is I can add a bit more and get a BV from Ebay ....

    I am really confused .....

    Do you think the bag may look dated rather quickly ?
  8. I feel like the quality is fabulous. Things made in Italy by anyone I know are expensive, as I did a search on that before I bought it...they said that with the dollar low, and probably lower volumes from newer designers, that this is often the case with hand stitcing etc. There was an interesting note on that on fashion incubator nad markups etc saying they are not as much as you tihnk they are...it was very interesting.

    I don't think it would be dated quickly...I love it and it is a perfect petally spring bag. I found it at a local store, small boutique, I talked to the woman who works at the boutique and she said the fall stuff is even better:smile: so I may have to get another one:smile:

    As far as the leather, it is very natural Dancin' girl, VERY soft, like a Valentino, or a lambskin prada...With all light bags, I take extra care...and treated it with a leather conditioner too to protect:smile:

    hope that helps. Let me know if you get one too Dancin Girl!
  9. congrats!!
  10. good choice
  11. i love the colour! Enjoy!
  12. I really like it! The craftmanship looks really good, and the colour is soft and just perfect for spring...great taste, congrats :smile:
  13. wow that's really cute and girly! love the petal details!! Is it a Japanese brand?
  14. I love this bag, very unique!
  15. Nope not a Japanese brand...Italian! and Italian made:smile: Glad you all love it! I still do!