Just bought Mono Groom Agenda in Yellow!

  1. I am so excited I just had to share. I just placed an order through 866-vuitton for the groom agenda in yellow (apparently there are still a few new ones left in all three colors in case anyone is interested for $300).

    I feel a teensy bit guilty spending the money but it is really a good value since I can use it for work and as a wallet (and it is downright cheap at $300 for an LV wallet). I had posted a poll asking for opinions on whether I should get the groom or the new red vernis and most people said new red vernis but I decided to go with the groom because I love mono canvas and I have no vernis bags yet. Also since it is LE and the groom is so cute! I do plan to get the new red vernis cles in the future.

    Oh and thanks John5 for suggesting I try 866-vuitton versus buying from eBay (where they are going for more than retail).
  2. Congrats!!! Glad that you decided on the Groom.:love:
  3. yeah~ don't forget to get some filofax inserts at ur local Container Store if u plan to double it as wallet :smile:
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congratulations on a darling item!
  6. Yay, congrats!!
  7. enjoy ur new agenda! i just recently got one too in the red groom. they are all so cute!!! :yahoo:
  8. congrats!
  9. Congrats! :yes: So the groom agenda comes in three diff colors?
  10. Congrats!!
  11. awesome purchase.
  12. Thank you all!

    joucy couture jen, yes the groom agenda comes in blue, red and yellow.
  13. You bought my favorite color - I LOVE THE YELLOW!
  14. congrats i have the blue one and im sure you'll love the yellow groom...
  15. yay! congrats