just bought mj multipocket on sale - should i keep it?

  1. i went to bloomies today not really expecting to buy anything major (saving up for a red balenciaga), but i saw that bloomies had a greyish blue medium multipocket on sale 30% off. the sa gave me another 10% off plus $25 off, and it ended up being about $563. She gave me the matching cardholder for $37 to bring it to an even $600 so i could get another $15 coupon, and i ended up with $90 in coupons. the thing is, i don't know if i really love the bag. i don't think i really can afford it at the moment, and it wasn't on my to-buy list, but it was such a good deal, should i keep it? i really like that it has silver hardware instead of gold...but i don't know. thoughts?
  2. wow! that's a great deal. im slightly biased because im a big marc lover and i happen to think the multi is a classic. but if you think you cant exactly afford it and youre not sure if you're in love with it i think you should return it. :yes: keep the money for your funds toward a red balenciaga! :smile::P
  3. if you are second guessing i would either return it or sell it. it's a great deal i agree but if you don't love it, no sense in keeping it.
  4. thats a great deal but if you are second guessing then sell it. If it's greyish blue then that color is denim I believe.
  5. I agree, if you don't love it then return it
  6. My favorite MJ bag is the multi pocket and i love the denim color!

    But, if you don't-then return it or sell it.