Just bought McQueen scarf!!! YAY! Attn: McQueen owners...question!

  1. I'm SO excited!! I bought it off of a reputable dealer on ebay for 350 USD including shipping from London. I know I paid more, but, I didn't want to wait for the new skull scarves to come in, in the states, THEN have to wat to have it shipped to Canada.
    Ugh. Did my impatience cost me too much?

    Anyhow, just wondering... you owners of McQueen XL's... why are the long scarves that Hohan and Mary-Kate wear so much longer than the XL size??? Do they get special scarves? Or do they tie two together??
    I was looking at the photo's of them in the scarves and when I took measurements they don't add up.


    I'll post pictures when I get it!
    Oh wait I have one from eBay saved.:love: :love: :love:

  2. I don't think the scarves are longer - the Olsen twins are very small, slightly over 5'. That XL would be hanging that low on me too lol. I have a small McQueen and it's enough for me (I only tie it on my bags though).
  3. Congrats on your scarf!! :biggrin:

    I heard that the older scarves came in 2 sizes, Large and Small. However, for this year they only made 1 size and it's bigger than the small but just a tad bit smaller than the original large. From what I gather, those girls you mentioned are wearing the older one? I'm not completely sure on this, so please correct me if I'm wrong. :shame:

    congrats again! I'm still looking for my XL! :sad:
  4. Oh! Good point! Hohan and MK are both under 5'5" so that may be a reason too!
  5. My xl is very long but they probably have the shawl, I'm 5'2" and that's enough for me
  6. Great scarf! I just got the same one but it's black with silver metallic skulls and snakes! I LOVE IT!

    Right now, they only make the one size (large). The one's I see in the magazines look like the same size we have. They don't look any longer to me. I'll take a closer look, though....

    I paid $275.00 plus $15.00 shipping from McQueen in New York. There was no tax.

    You got a GREAT deal and a beautiful scarf! Which bag will you use yours on?
  7. I missed this part!
    I think I'm just going to wear it around my hair (hair band style with the knot at the base of my head and loooooong, not old lady kerchief style), my neck and waist.
    I may tie it to my Fall 05' Black Quilted MJ'S though...Eiiiiiieeee!!!!
  8. Love:love: your scarf!! I have been lusting for these scarfs for a while now. I've already put my name down on the waiting list in NY but the SA said it might take up to another month before they get more stock. Just wondering ... did you have to pay any extra duties and taxes when you bought it (since it came from abroad)?
  9. Yep! I just tried mine on, wearing it the same way she's wearing hers and mine hangs just as long. I am about 5'3" and it's only a few inches (maybe 2") above my knee wearing it that way (and slightly bent over the way she is in the photo). I am quite positive it's the same exact length!

    I am going to tie mine around my ink b-bag and wear it this summer around my waist and at the pool in Vegas and in LA!:biggrin:
  10. I know when I got my Bbag from LA it was marked as a gift and I still got charged GST.

    So I figure I'll probably get GST again.
  11. OHHHHH yayayayaaaaayyy!!!!

    That makes me SOOOOOOOO happy!

    With those colors all together? That's going to look amazing on you!!!!!