Just bought MC Key Pouch with vintage ad : )

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  1. Sorry, no pics (camera at work)....but you can see it at LV on-line! Does anyone else have one of these, with the Vintage Ads screenprinted on it?? I was debating this weekend if I should get one of these and went back today to buy it. It SUPER cute, and a good size too! (5.1" x 3.5") I wanted something I could throw my I.D., CC, and some cash in if I didn't want to bring my heavy wallet or just carry that...like to the movies.

    The SA showed me a cute way to wear it too if you just want to carry the Key Pouch. The chain is a good length, so she said to pull the chain through two belt loops and clip it....yay, hands free! Great idea :biggrin: Because of the screenprinting on one side, I can carry it MC only, or with the vintage ad showing.
  2. I don't see it online. Where would it be? How much did you pay for it? Thanks!
  3. is that the affiche collection? those are super cute! congrats!
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    On the LV site, go to the 'Women's' section, and click on 'Card and key holders.' Its on the top of the page in the middle. I have a different design though, 3 pink purses in various sizes....there is a pic on the thread '2nd reveal on TPF!!! i'm a slg addict :biggrin:DD'

    I paid $275 at the LV boutique, but on-line its $250??? Not sure why. Oh well, I LOVE it!!! I REALLY am going to bring home my camera from work to take some picks :biggrin:
  5. Yes!!! :smile: I think its so adorable and has pink leather trim.....
  6. Cute! Congrats!
  7. There's an Affiche Key Pouch in MC? Hmmm don't find it on the website I'll make a search...but congrats!
  8. By MC I think the OP means Monogram Canvas. I saw MC and obviously thought Multicolore like you did - I got so excited! :lol:
  9. ^Oh yes I hadn't thought of that lol MC to me automatically means multicolore! But it would be certainly awesome if that were true! :biggrin:
  10. so the Affiche collection is actually a copy of the old lv ads??? if so OMG thats so cool, i have the mini pochette and just thought it was custe i had no idea it was an old ad, that makes it even more special imo
  11. Oh Now I understand I already have the mono mini pochette with the hand bags on it!:love: There are just a couple more items in this collection that I want and then I will be thrilled!
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    Sorry everyone, I mistakenly thought my little LV Affiche bag was the key pouch, put its the mini pochette! (I couldn't edit my earlier post)

    Looks like I need to learn the LV lingo!! I said MC as in Monogram Canvas but think it means Multi-Color...so sorry again for the confusion : 0