Just bought Gucci Bonnie pumps and YSL tribute MJs!

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  1. So I've been searching for comfortable, high heel shoes, which as I write this sounds like a total oxymoron, but alas I was convinced I could. After looking at hundreds of shoes online, I found two I felt were cute but the pitch of the arch was mild enough for these to potentially be comfy. The Gucci Bonnie pumps have a platform, and so do the tributes, so hopefully I'm right. Do any of you have experience with those 2 shoes? Are they indeed comfortable? or did i make a mistake...:sweatdrop:

  2. I wish everyone would stop posting pics of their Tributes....I want them!!! :drool:
  3. Oh oh, i just got my Gucci Bonnie Sandals, out of curiosity, does your pumps have Gucci insignia written on the platform of both shoes or just one?

    I have a pair of 105 mm YSL mary janes and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes!!!
  4. ^^ i will let you know when they arrive!

    btw, so good to know the MJs are comfy!
  5. oooh those tributes are so gorgeous, me want!
  6. I don't know about the Gucci, but I do have the same heel height YSL Tribute in patent and they are VERY comfy.
  7. nice! after hearing all these great things about the tributes, im sooo excited to get em!
  8. I haven't worn either, but just wanted to say those are FAB! Great choices.