Just bought gift but made in Thailand?

  1. Hi everyone

    I just found this website and having just bought my first Dior necklace from eluxury.com, I am kind of wondering if Dior jewelry accessories are made in Thailand. I don't really expect it and to be honest, I am not satisfied with the item quality. Who nows maybe I'm being put off by the word "Made in Thailand". :confused1:

    Any idea?
  2. Hi there!

    Yes, some Dior costume jewelry is made in Thailand, but the jewelry is still pretty high-quality. Things that are made in Thailand, Indonesia, China, or India range from very poor quality to very fine quality. For example, certain silk fabrics are made in China and some of those are extremely high quality.
  3. Most of the Dior Jewelries are Made in Thailand. Anyway, I think the quality is fine.
  4. Yep, some of the stuff I saw in Bangkok was amazing, they are very skilled.
  5. I've got several pieces that are made in Thailand, even some of the more expensive sterling silver costume pieces, they're perfect quality.