Just Bought From Let-trade

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  1. and I'm not sure what the process is after that. I paid through my paypal account - is that it? The item is still listed as selling, though, and I've not received anything fromt he let-trade ppl. The money was deducted from my account, though. Is that all I have to do? Will the let-trade owner email me with shipping info etc?
  2. let-trade should contact you once he recognize the payment has been received, keep in mind the time difference since let trade is located in HK. please post pix when you get the goodie!
  3. Yes, they should be able to let you know sometime tonight. It's tough, I know! If the item was sold to someone else first, they'll notify you and refund your money. :yes: Don't worry, and congrats!
  4. What are you going to get? :graucho:
  5. Did you buy from his website??

    I though once you paid, their system auto takes the item off their for sale section.

    He will send you an email acknowledging your payment, and you may need to confirm your eBay ID if your a first time buyer.

    He will send you a tracking # when it;s been sent.

    Please keep in mind that it's chinese new year eve today (17th), and let trade is in HK, so the PO will be closed for a few days, so don't worry.

    Oh yeah.. Kung Hei Fat Choi to eveyone!! Hope you will receive many "lai sees" (red packets) hehehe
  6. I emailed let-trade first and they replied me very quick. I just bought the first item from let-trade on Jan, 25, 2007. My first experience was very good and we had a great communication.

  7. :yes: can't wait to see pix!
  8. I have seen a few eBay listings stating that is chinese new year and the post offices will be closed a few days and as soon as it items will be shipped Don't worry I have heard a lot of good things about let's trade :rolleyes:

  9. Just looked at lets trade and on there web site they have posted because of chinese new year ther will be a delay in e-mails and they wiil begin shippin on FEB 21st. :yes:
  10. i bought two items from him yesterday and he said that if i paid by what was 7pm east coast time here, he could get my items out, otherwise they had to wait until after the new year. i didn;t make the deadline, and it sucks to wait, but I appreciate his disclosure of the topic, as opposed to some sellers who don't say anything at all and ship in the most untimely manner and assume you will just be happy as long as it gets to you eventually.
    heck of a rant is coming about another seller on ebay, im telling ya.....

    Just so you know; when i purchased my items, I asked LT about a combined ship discount. he gave me one H3LL of a discount ladies! I don't know if the new year has him feeling generous, or if he is always like this, but not only is he nice and reasonable, but hella generous! ask for the combined ship discount if you can!

    what did you buy from him by the way?
  11. thanks for the info photo!!! I hope they'll have a few items on my wishlist when I get some $$ so I can also do a combined s/h.
  12. Even if you don't buy more than one item, you can always ask for a discount or if they'll let it go at a lower price. I ordered a baggy gm in lichen earlier this month and he gave me a great deal! He asked me to make an offer and then told me the lowest price it would go for. I also was contacting him at like 2am their time and he kept e-mailing back. I was so surprised, I figured he wouldn't get back to me until morning. They've got great service and fast shipping! Good luck!
  13. i already bought 3 bags from him but i never received any discount even if i asked for it. i guess he has some kind of preferrential treatment going on here. :wtf:
  14. it took a while for them to take my item off of being 'for sale' as well, it is the chinese new year so there might be delays! i had a great let trade experience so i wish you the best!