Just Bought Dior Limited addition Dice lipgloss

  1. Have you seen it sooo cute. x
  2. I just got it too!! :nuts: Isn't it cute?? It is REALLY heavy!! Alot heavier then I had anticipated... I probably wouldn't normally keep it, but I am going to keep it since it was one of my birthday splurges and we're not going to worry about how often its going to be used! :p

    Here is the thread where I got the Dazzle Palette at the same time:


    I'll try to paste a pic, is that the same one you got? I got it from Sephora! :smile:
  3. Cute!! Yeah, it is superheavy, but totally cute!
  4. Yes count me in too - I have it in the tangerine colour..

    I am really sad though I won't use it as I like to keep it good!! I know saddo that I am.
  5. Hey i really want to buy one in the pinkish colour , but i was wondering what the colour looked like .. did it just turn up as a glossy effect on your lips or did it add a colour? if you know what i mean :sweatdrop:
  6. Looks cute..! :love: If I were to buy it, it's solely for the gorgeous packaging since I think tube gloss is way more convenient. :p
  7. Hey know what you mean. :yes: did have alittle colour as it is a lite pink. Hope this helps.