Just Bought Cornflower Twiggy!!!!!!

  1. I cannot control myself. The New York store had the Cornflower Blue Twiggy and I just bought it over the phone. My only other Balenciaga is the black Classic so I felt for Spring/Summer I had to give in and get that gorgeous blue color. My freaking out is due to the fact that a few weeks ago I indulged in the green LV perforated Speedy and I have my first Chloe whiskey paddington satchel arriving Monday. Please don't let me buy any more bags till fall/winter. I will post pics as soon as my dream bag Twiggy arrives.
  2. Oh congrats!! That cornflower is to die for! :love: And no more bags for you young lady! :lol:
  3. Congrats! Cornflower blue :love:

    No more bags for you! You can join me in bag-fasting (very hard, but hopefully well worth it :shame: ).
  4. Congrats! This color is going to look fabulous in the twiggy.

    That's quite a bag collection you have going there. I like the variety.
  5. Congratulations!!! Love the cornflower!!!! :love: Can't wait to see pics of the other bags!!!
  6. Congratulations on your bag! I love the twiggy shape of all the Balenciaga bags! We can both join Cristina in her bag-fasting LOL
  7. Add me to the fast too! :cry:
  8. Has any one seen the lilac color of balenciaga bag? I put a grey medium and a lilac work bag on hold. Can't make the choice which one to get. Also the dark blue purple work bag is nicer? :sick:
  9. Congratulations coldplay....can't wait to see pics!
  10. Congrats! The cornflower is a fabulous color! You are going to love the Twiggy!
  11. congrats!
  12. Congrats! Cornflower is a really nice color.
  13. nice! the i love the cornflower color!! it'll be a great color for spring/summer
  14. Congratsssss! :biggrin:
  15. woo hoo! you and me are b-bag twins! you'll totally love yours when it arrives! woo hoo!!!!