Just bought Chanel boots from Bluefly and they came USED!!!

  1. OMG! I can't believe it. Just bought these chanel boots for over a grand and they came dirty (on the bottom of the boots). Gawd, do they check their return items? I really love these boots and I don't know if I should return them or not. I didn't see any scratches on the leather. They look new except the sole. oh and there's a tiny piece of hardware that came off too when I tried them on but that's easily fixed. To top it off, the chanel box that came with the boots are pretty beat up. Aaaaargh, I'll never buy from them again.
  2. EWWWW!Send them back....You dont want to catch someones toe cooties...LOL!
  3. Does the inside of the boot look worn? I would call and complain to CS and see what they can do for you, if you return you should have all shipping charges refunded, ect....
  4. I just keep hearing all these bad things from bluefly i don't think i will buy from them... but I would return them! They shouldn't be used like that!
  5. Can't tell about the inside they are lined with rabit fur.
  6. Oh no, that is horrible! Call them and ask them to send you a prepaid shipping label. You shouldn't have to pay for sending back their used boots.
  7. I personally wouldn't keep them. If you've paid $1000+ for a bag, clothing, etc... you expect it to be new. They market the merchandise as being brand new so it isn't as though you bought it on eBay. NOT okay in my opinion. The more I hear about BlueFly, the less impressed I become.
  8. I would return them as well since you paid over $1000. Maybe you can call customer service and see if they can give you a discount, then maybe they might be worth keeping.
  9. Ewwwww! And it's not like Bluefly marks things down enough to justify keeping used boots.
  10. I'm not surprised. They really need to start rethinking their business.
  11. LOL :throwup: .

    To OP I'm sorry that you received a used package. I heard stuff about Bluefly. Just be careful, I'm hearing so many things about other websites as well. But best of luck which ever way you decide to go.
  12. i wouldn't use their prepaid envelops to return something that expensive. the prepaid envelops are for DHL and from my past experience, they are not as reliable as fedex or ups.
  13. Gross!
  14. send them back..spending over a grand on USED..
  15. If you don't want to send the back--take plenty of pics and see if they will give you $$ as store credit