Just bought another Marc Jacobs bag!

  1. I just bought a Cherry Blossom Venetia! I already have a grass green Stella and a Berry Venetia so I guess the Berry is going to have to go, or should I keep it?

    What is Cherry Blossom like on real life? Is it like a bubblegum, barbie pink? I suppose I could keep the Berry! Is it silly to have two similar coloured Venetias? Although I guess the Berry is good for winter?

    Also, someone said in a thread they thought that Cherry Blossom was too much for a large bag like the Blake or Venetia, is that the general consensus? Can anyone that has a bag in cherry blossom post pics? Thanks;)
  2. [​IMG]

    i got this picture from the reference library. it seems to be a very pretty and vibrant shade of pink. as long as you wear neutrals, there's no reason why this bag wouldn't work regardless of its color and size.
  3. Thanks, my one looks a bit darker than that :confused1:
  4. Lovely!!! Congrats!!!
  5. I presume you haven't got your cherry blossom venetia yet, have a look at the 'List your MJ bags thread' #609. Dawn has a pic of her berry venetia and her cherry blossom blake and colors look quite different. HTH