Just bought and waiting for my large soft envelope monogram bag in mixed matelasse leather!

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    Waiting for bags to arrive always kills me, so I thought I'd share my excitement and photos of this bag first, in case anyone is contemplating it! 3 days to go!

    So I went to the store with my heart set on the medium college bag in dark anthracite, but when I saw it in person, it was way smaller than I anticipated; I couldn't fit my continental wallet into the largest pocket, and it would barely have room for my iPhone 6 Plus, mini brush, mini pill bottle, mints, lipgloss, and sunglasses. I think without the middle zippered compartment, it all would have fit fine. I still think this bag is probably the one that looks best on me proportionately, but is too small for my needs. IMG_8986.JPG

    So then I looked at the large college. Definitely fits more, but it doesn't have a crossbody option. Plus, I was expecting overall a more refined finish on the lambskin. Though it was beautiful, I didn't expect it to look as distressed as it looked when I saw it in person.
    My lovely friend then pointed out the similar large envelope in mixed matelasse leather, and from there I knew I was in trouble!! The calfskin looked sturdier, the anthracite color was a little darker, and there are 3 carrying options: one shoulder with long strap, one shoulder with the straps doubled, and crossbody. My heart started to race and I knew I had to have it! IMG_9007.JPG
    IMG_9004.JPG IMG_9027.JPG
    Here's a photo of the college and large envelope together for comparison:
    I thought the medium envelope was super cute as well, just too small.
    And just for kicks, I also tried on the Chanel jumbo flap, and found that the SL bag suits my style much better :smile:
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  2. Love the bag you've purchased! I'm eyeing it myself, the version with the black hardware. Huge congratulations! :smile:
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  3. Two more photos. I feel like the ones I posted make the bag look super large on me because of how I cropped them. This is a farther away shot.
    And close up IMG_9021.JPG
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  4. It looks amazing in person if you haven't seen it yet! The leather and hardware look super luxe. Hope you'll post yours if you end up getting it.
  5. It looks great on you!! I love the college but for some reason, the large looks odd and I only like it in the medium side

    The bag you chose looks so lovely! TBH I have seen it in store and never paid too much attention as I am not a fan of the metal rivet the chain goes into. However, seeing your pics makes me rethink my choice and I might have to go see it in person! So lovely!! Wear in good health!!
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  6. The ysl bag looks great on you! Question - is there a pocket on the outside? On the brand's website it says so but it's hard to tell in the pics. Thanks in advance I need to go see this bag in person very soon!!
  7. It looks so good! Classic yet a little edgy! The Chanel bag looks so conservative and a little dull in comparison. I want a bag like this too!
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  8. Yes, there is an outside pocket! Huge bonus because I need easy phone access:biggrin:
  9. Thank you, I completely agree on the Chanel. Pretty but it didn't make my heart go pitter patter!
  10. Thank you! I usually don't like this rivet chain combo, but it's perfect on this bag I think. I love how it translates to multiple carrying options.
  11. Looove the bag you picked! It looks great on you, congrats :smile:
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  12. Thank you! I ordered this bag today - sooo excited for it to arrive!! :biggrin:
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  13. Thanks so much!
    Oooh I'm so excited for you, congrats!! Hope it arrives soon! Mine is running 2 days late; the wait is torture. Make sure you post yours :smile: the black is gorgeous!
  14. My baby is here! I'm in love!
    IMG_9180.JPG IMG_9192.JPG IMG_9224.JPG