Just bought an Onatah PM Cocoa from elux...

  1. This forum is bad influence ... ;) Since I joined 3 weeks ago, I've bought 2 LVs now. I haven't seen the Onatah PM in person but I love what I've seen in pictures. Does anybody on this forum have one (in brown) and how do you like your? I chose the brown because I thought the darker color will hide stains and dirts better, and it's more conservative.

    I have a suede bag from Old Navy's and I love it. Have used and abused it for 2 years now and no scratches or stains are showing. I hope my newest Louis will be like that too.

    OMG, I am going crazy. If my husband knew how much I've spent on my Speedy 25 and Onatah PM he'd faint! :nuts:
  2. Oooh, congrats! Post pictures when you get it, I haven't seen many photos of the Onatah :nuts:
  3. yay! congrats!
  4. We want PICS, lol! Great buy! I really like the look of this bag. I think LV did well bringing out a suede range. Good colour choice too, the brown. That's what I would've chosen;)
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics.
  6. Congrats!! Be sure to post pictures!
  7. I only wish I had one ! ;)

    I love how LV is moving away from structured shapes with the onatah lines.. slouchy is in !

    And usually, I just subtract a few zeroes from the price when family ask me how much something is.. :shame:
  8. Good choice in color! I talked to the LV SA and they said that the onatah tends to rub the colors off on your clothing. Brown is the color that will do that least. I like the brown the best too. Congrats and PICS! =D
  9. Hey ladies,
    is the onatah going to be standard? or is it just seasonal item? Please advise. Thanks
  10. I heard it was going to be a limited edition. But wasn't the multi color line suppose to be limited also!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: Who knows!!!
  11. Seasonal.
  12. IMO it's not a practical bag. It's super delicate and the color transfer factor makes it even more sensitive. Especially since I wear jeans everyday. Rain is the Onatah's enemy and it's been raining a lot here. Not a bag you can use often, to say the least.

    Here's some pics for you to enjoy. Great color choice BTW.


  13. droooool.....

    i think it is absolutely gorgeous! sux that its not so practical :sad2:. i was on e-lux maybe 30 miutes ago trying to decide whether or not i liked it enough to want to buy it, checked back 5 minutes later and its gone! i guess they sold out...now i want it even more!!! i guess you want what you can't have!:suspiciou

    i e-mailed e-lux to see when they're gonna re-stock:amuse:
  14. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!! Yeah I am very excited about the Onatah PM. I knew it wasn't going to be a practical bag but I don't carry my LVs everyday anyway. As I grow older I am buying LVs more to collect. I think this is an exciting new direction that LV took, and I like the darker color because the LVs aren't as obvious. I think I am going to collect more LVs in different patterns (away from the mono). The perforated mono is starting to grow on me. Bad news ...

    Ginger, I just checked elux the PM is still available in cocoa. The GM is gone ...

    I shall post pic as soon as the bag arrives.
  15. Post pics when you get them! Congrats!