Just bought an Iron Bag At the Outlet, but...


~*One Wild Night*~
Apr 29, 2008
I'm debating on whether or not if I should keep it. I love the size of it, it's cute, but the pattern I'm not crazy about. I bought her for $149.00. I was going back and forth between this one and those ridiculously miniature Burberry bags (Bowling bag ($170+) and a shoulder bag, which is the same price as the Iron bag I bought)). And finally decided on this one since there's more room. But I'm not really digging the pattern. :crybaby:

Anyway, I thought I share the bag with you before I make my final decision. :sad:

Oh yeah, I got this bag from the Vacaville, CA Outlet by the way.

Now that I looked at the Iron bag on the Burberry site, I kind of wish I saw those at the Outlet instead. It's... nicer.