Just bought an Elisha...

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  1. Hi there everyone. I'm pretty new here but love to browse this site--it's so fun!

    I just bought a black Kooba Elisha...I have been eyeing this bag since march and finally justified it as a graduation present to myself. It is the 2nd Kooba for me--bought the Sienna in Luggage back in summer 2005.

    I can't wait for it! I'm so excited..:wlae:

    How do the Elisha owners like their's thus far?

    elle down
  2. Ahhhh, the black on is sooo classy! I have Red! And it's still one of my biggest loves. I love this bag. I vote it as the BEST new Spring release.
    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Welcome to The Purse Forum.
    You may find that your credit card seems to have a life of its own now that you are here....:lol:
    OOooh an Elisha! I love that style too, especially the Blonde one, but I think thats the only Kooba bag from the Spring Collection that looks great in every colour.
    Looking forward to seeing photos
  4. Great bag, elle. I own the little sister, a red Bonnie.

    I agree with Lexie, the Elisha was the hit of the Spring season, very feminine and a departure from Kooba's normal bohemian style.
  5. Hi elle, great to have you here! Congrats on that Elisha and I also would like to see some pics of that Luggage Sienna:smile:
  6. sure thing everyone! my luggage sienna has always been my little gem. we've been through a lot together--studying abroad in europe together (we've been to a lot of countries together :smile:, getting wet at the pool, even made it through an internship together! Amidst all that, she has held up wonderfully! I couldn't ask for more. I can't wait to start my new life with the Elisha..hehe.

    I'll post some pics tonight!

    xox, elle down
  7. Good for YOU! And congrats on that graduation too!

    Looking forward to your pix!
  8. My camera isn't really working but I wanted to post a pic with my luggage Sienna, so here is a pic of me cradling it at a bar. And my friend next to me (I blurred her face out, just because...who knows if shed want to be on the internet :smile: has her Sienna too in an ivory color! Still waiting for the Elisha!!
  9. i love seeing kooba in action! great bag! can't wait to see your elisha!!!

  10. You girls look fabulous, oh, and your Siennas too!!!
  11. Congrats on the new Elisha and I loved seeing your Sienna! Makes me want to get mine out of the closet. I haven't been showing her any love in years!

    I want to see your Elisha!
  12. Welcome Elle! Love the pic of your Sienna and can't wait to see your black Elisha when she comes!

    Elisha has been such a hit on the forum this year, definitely the best of the new Koobas. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I break down and get one too! :smile:
  13. gotta love the kooba girls~

    ur siennas are hot!

    i have a blonde bonnie and i want a black devin. the leather is sensitive at first but if you let it build a natural patina, you'll understand why i'm considering buying my blonde bonnie a big black devin sister~
  14. go for the black devin....and then post some pics! i am loving my elisha....will post some pics soon;);)
  15. OH! Where were you about a month ago?!?? I have always wanted a Luggage Sienna - the original one w/brown fabric signature lining. So much so, that when I found one on eBay about a month ago, I bought it. I had never seen one IRL, but after hearing so many great things about Kooba, I was expecting to be WOWed when it arrived. Well, to make a long story short - when the bag arrived I was disappointed and after much debate & back & forth, I determined that the bag was likely a fake. I never really was certain, but after seeing what I believe WAS an authentic Luggage Sienna (again on eBay), I noticed some very subtle differences. Luckily for me, the seller sent me a refund (she actually did this BEFORE I sent her the bag back!). But I am still curious - did I do the right thing? Make a mistake? Could the bag have been authentic?

    I know you said your camera's not working but can you maybe tell me a little bit about your Sienna. I can tell you exactly the points which made me suspect the bag wasn't authentic. Thanks in advance

    BTW - welcome to TPF!!! Hope to see you around many of the various forums!