Just bought an Anna Corinna Drawstring bag in brass!

  1. What do you think?:drool:
    I really wanted something in this soft gold shade and in a shoulder bag style but was concerned about the HH soft gold after some of the owners of it chimed in. I'm hoping to use this as an everyday go to bag and like that the gold color dresses it up a bit...I hear it is super comfy and I like the thought of no interior organization strangely enough. :yes:
    Do any of you own this style and or color? I hope it is as gorgeous irl as online and that the leather is nice too!
  2. Pretty :smile:
  3. I own the bag in the tobacco color. I think it's a great bag but I am a big fan of Anna Corinna bags so I tell you that up front. I've never seen this color IRL but it looks nice in pics. Let us know how you like it. Good luck.:tup:
  4. Thanks! Do you find that it works well as an everyday shoulder bag? Is the shoulder strap comfy to you? Oh and just curious about how you like the way it falls on you. I'm petite at 5'2 and am hoping that it will "fit
    me well. It was too gorgeous to pass up though!
  5. I'm even shorter than you and I think it's great in every respect: comfy shoulder strap, falls perfectly. The down-side for some is that there are no inside or outside pockets but I use size large Chameleon Purse Organizer (which there are many threads on this forum if you haven't heard of them) and problem of no pockets solved. One thing I really love about it is that it's lightweight and has no hardware. Imagine, a bag with no hardware! I love it!!!:tender::girlsigh:
  6. I have that bag in butterscotch. The brass color looks so pretty! At first, I wasn't a huge fan of the leather which felt a tad too rough but after awhile, I've come to love the design and the fact that it matches EVERYTHING! It also slouches beautifully.
  7. Thanks! Such great feedback from all of you! :yes: Just one more question...though the leather is a little more rough, does it soften with age? A lot of my other leather bags started off a little more stiff and have just soften gorgeously...I love a leather bag that ages nicely. :smile:
  8. I understand that the leather on Anna Corinna bags can vary from color to color. Here is my experience:
    I have (as I said) the tobacco drawstring that you are ordering in brass. The leather is great and gets better all the time. I also have the butterscotch mini city tote and that leather is the thinnest, softest, floppiest leather of all. I also have the black mini city tote and the leather feels like it's a little thicker, soft and I can see where some tpfers feel like it's more luxurious than the butterscotch but although I adore it, I have to admit the butterscotch mini city is my all-time favorite. Bearing that in mind, I ordered the drawstring in butterscotch recently and was disappointed when it arrived. Apparently that batch of butterscotch drawstrings was dryer with absolutely no luster to it at all so I returned it. The brass you ordered looks lovely but you will have to decide when it arrives and I can't wait to hear your verdict!!!! Sorry for dumping all this info on you but I hope it helps!
  9. It so totally helps! I just wanted to have an idea of what to expect...Hopefully it'll be here by the weekend or early next week. I'd be happy to post pics and a review when I get it!
  10. :woohoo::woohoo::party:
  11. I have the brass in the older version (the shoulder is pieced) and it's a gorgeous color. All my girls admire it when they visit! It's not gold & it's not brown, very unique!

    I bought the butterscotch version from luna Boston this season (paid $280) and the shoulder strap is different. That's the bag I wear daily.
  12. Woohoo! :yahoo: Loving all the comments I'm hearing so far! :tup: The one I got is from Luna Boston too...I venture to say its the newer style? I'm just hoping its a light goldish tan color and not milky brown or dirty gold...Sometimes its just so hard to tell in pics!
  13. Very different and gorgeous!!
  14. kinda plain and vegetable looking, like a turnip without the color.
  15. Hmmm...that doesn't sound so good! Did you end up returning yours because of the color, photoobsessive?