Just bought a vernis cles...

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  1. And I have what may be a dumb question...

    Can I open the golden hook part? I can't figure out how, if it is possible... :shame: Help, please? :blush:
  2. yes, push up on it in and upward direction and then pull towards you, if that makes any sense. i know, took me a while to figure it out too :p congrats!
  3. ^^^^ That's kinda how I would explain it, except I the way I would have explained, it woulda came out confusing. :s
  4. ^^Push up and press towards the center it should open.
  5. ding ding! got it...thank you!!! :yahoo: :blush:
  6. yes... you have to push UP on the bar were it looks likes it opens and it swings outward!!! It took me awhile to figue it out too! :p
  7. lol. i had to make a thread asking this. i kept on trying to force it, when a voice said "you really shouldnt press so hard on a 200 dollar coin purse, especially if you make break it. "
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.