Just bought a Venetia, but I'm having second thoughts...

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  1. This is my first MJ bag purchase and my fist high end bag purchase as well! I got it in black with silver hardware on sale here in Canada. It is a beautiful bag and well made (except for one stitch that has come undone on the handle, and I didn't even use it yet!!)

    However, for you ladies who own this bag, is it a pain in the butt to access and is it a problem that you can't put it on your shoulder?

    I would love to hear some comments!

    I attached a pic of me with the bag

    Thank You!

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  2. congrats squishydreams! i dont have the venetia, but i have had other styles that were not meant go on my shoulder(larger bowler and hudson) and they certainly got heavy to carry in the crook of my arm- but i love them none the less. it all depends on how you like to carry your bag. i find that after i get ired of carrying on my crook, i swith to just hand holding the handles for a while and back on my arm and so on.

    it's all personal preferance.
  3. Gorgeous, love the stitching!
  4. If you having second thoughts, return it. Don't keep something you have to think about that much after you've bought the item.
  5. Love the bag on you Squishydreams!!!! that being said..you also have to feel comfortable with your bag. MJ bags tend to get heavier once you start stuffing them...Personally i prefer shoulder bags to handheld ones..Good Luck with your decision..
  6. the #1 important thing you have to keep in mind is the weight issue. it's sooooooooooooo heavy. even if you can fit it on your shoulders, you wouldn't want to cuz it's too heavy. protect your arm and shoulders. i would return it. i use mine cuz i got it on sale and it's no returns on sales.

  7. ITA! Plus, the venetia is pretty heavy on the arm when it's loaded down.
  8. Well, the Venetia bag is a classic. It has been around since about 2000, and--along with the Sofia--it was the bag that made Marc Jacobs. I've owned a silver Venetia for more than two years, and I love it. I don't find it hard to get in and out of. I don't even try to get it on my shoulder, though, because I think it was meant to be worn in the crook of the arm.

    That said, if you aren't comfortable using your Venetia all the time, you should probably return it. No point in having it collect dust in your closet when there are so many other great bags out there, Marc Jacobs and otherwise, right? Good luck.
  9. I like the Venetia style but could not deal with the size and the weight of the bag. Oh and trying to get in and out of it. I used to just leave the strap undone so it would be easier.

    It is very pretty in black and the white contrasting stitching is very nice. But if you don't love it, you will not get enough use from it and it is not an inexpensive purchase! You should get something you really love!
  10. I really like the venetia--its a really beautiful bag--it can be a pain to get into but after awhile you sort of get used to it....I can only put on my shoulder when I am not wearing a coat......congrats on your first purchase!!! Enjoy!!!
  11. Congrats on the new Venetia and your first MJ!!! Don't worry...your forearm will bulk up...LOL...enjoy!!!!
  12. ITA with Cosmopolitan. Venetia is sophisticated, elegant, and classic. It's my all-time favorite bag from Marc Jacobs. If you are not totally in love with it, you should return it.

  13. I was thinking that your first instinct was this venetia. I have the pocket satchel from this collection in black with the white stitching. I get unlimited compliments.
    I love the venetia..and have it in spearmint, tapioca, sap and emerald. Classic gorgeous and looks good on you...Maybe have some other folks carry it and see how you react. maggie
  14. If you're not loving the bag, then move on.... don't settle until you find the bag you love! I only mean that if you're not 100% sure about this bag. Best to return it now then to lose money on it later. There are plenty of MJ styles out there.
  15. I agree w/ elongreach 1000% !!! Plus..If a stitch has already come undone I'd be peeved....It's true..If you're stressing over it and dwelling over the purchase it's a sign imo...Take it back and most likely you'll feel relieved...AND you can go on another bag hunt! Let us know what you decide!! :heart: Emmy