Just bought a Speedy 30 and having second thoughts...

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  1. Okay, I just bought the Speedy 30 in the Ebene damier and am wondering if it might be too small. I am 5'4.5 and 125 pounds. I carry a

    I phone
    Sun glasses
    large cosmetic case

    I do like a big bags and I have the Neverfull GM but I feel like it is too big for every day use. Is there a sag? I love a sag. ;)

    Can you post a picture of you carrying your speedy 30?

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  2. If you are willing to take modeling picture and let us to help you, it is the best way to know if it is too small or not. Personally, I think Speedy 30 is great size and you don't carry that much so you will be just fine with this size. Check with Speedy club, there are plenty of modeling shots over there too.

  3. Thanks, I would but I haven't received it yet. I just bought it today. I'm excited to get it!!!
  4. A 30 will be perfect and because you carry so little, don't worry, you will have sag. ;)
  5. I'm 5'4 125 too! This is my 35 and I love it! Especially the sag. Here are two pics for reference. Hope they help!

  6. I have the 30 and I think it is the perfect size! I carry about the same amount as you and I have plenty of room! I personally really don't like the saggy look, and I keep it stuffed even when I carry it :smile:

  7. Thanks, I guess I will not know until I receive it and put my things in it. I hope I like it though. I have been wanting one for a while but I just got a Neverfull GM in December so I have been trying to space it out a little bit. No such luck though!!!
  8. I, too, love the Speedy 30. I have the 25 and love that as well. I find the 30 is just the perfect size- not too big or too small. I am 5'5 and about 145 pounds, for reference.
  9. Dont worry, you can do an exchange if you are not happy with the size... It is free
  10. I have a speedy b 30 DE, i am 5ft ... It can hold whatever you've mentioned... I actually bring more stuff than you including my tablet and chargers for my techs... You can do an exchange if you feel that you need more space:smile:
  11. I think that the 30 is the perfect size, and it can fit everything you need.
  12. I bought a Gucci bag similar style and size and I said when I get a speedy I would get a 35 u find it too small and annoying to get things in and out of.
  13. i got a 30, but i wish i have gotten a 25...is a good size, but i am petite

    i have seen some very petite and skinny lady with the 35 who looks great with it tho
  14. Just beautiful!