Just bought a PRINCY from bluefly

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  1. I first have to say...
    u guys are GREAT.. cuz i've never could have found bluefly without looking on this site.. PLUS the discounts.. !!!!!!! =D

    i know there were some fakes going around on bluefly...
    has anyone ever bought a fake gucci? i'm so new about bags that i won't be able to tell the differences~!

    :heart: :heart::heart:
  2. YAY!!!! I was hoping someone here would pick that great purse up. I saw it this morning when I posted about the Indy bags.

    Yes, Bluefly had some trouble selling a few brands of fake bags a while ago. So far all the Gucci's have been real. I really don't think they knowingly sold fake bags. I think they must have bought them really believing they were real.

    Bluefly is definitely a 100% legit company.
    Look at the very bottom of their webpage and you will see this.

    ©1998-2007, Bluefly, Inc. | Bluefly (BFLY) is a NASDAQ SMALLCAP Company.​

    Any company that is sold on the stock market has to be legit. It is not someone's garage. So you don't have anything to worry about except how to pay for it when you get your credit card bill (just kidding)

    I know some people have had problems with their customer service but I have never had any problems with them. And I returned something I bought for my mother that she did not like and I got a refund right away.

    I bought my Brown Guccissima Princy Hobo and my New Britt Hobo that are below in my signature from Bluefly. I just hope they get the new bag I am dying for that is coming out for the Fall line​
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