Just bought a new Thomas Wylde Bag!!!!

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  1. Hi Hi, this is koko. I am crazy about all bags and shoes. Just bought a new Thomas Wylde Bag and feel so excited to share with everyone!!!!!!

    Bags are basically my asset. :heart: Love to know more about everyone.
  2. Welcome!

    First rule:
    if you're going to post about a new bag, be prepared to show us pics!:yes:

    We NEED eye candy!
  3. Ohh, absolutely love that bag, saw a black one at Barneys SCP but DH absolutely hated it! I still wish I could have bought it!!! :hysteric: Pls show pics ... congrats!
  4. Congrats and where are pics?
  5. ooooh I love Thomas Wylde. What bag did you get, I adore the lining, swoon.

    ooh, we need more details, NOW!!

    and welcome to you Ko Ko
  6. I am so jealous! PICS!!!!
  7. Congrats, which bag did you get?
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