Just Bought a New Prada for myself...should I keep it???

  1. Alright...I LIVE for my Ink Balenciaga...the bag I carry EVERYWHERE...but I fell in love with this new Antique Brown Prada Hobo style bag...I know you all have seen it...but here's a pic anyway...do I NEED ANOTHER BAG???? :hrmm:

    My DH is looking at me like I am a CRAZY person:mad: because, I really shouldn't be buying anything right now!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well I guess you don't NEED another handbag, but in my opinion a girl can never have too many handbags! lol! I'd say if you can afford it, why not? Its a beautiful bag and will always be a classic!
    Let me know what you deceide to do!
  3. I agree! Need vs want:nuts:
  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Congrats..where did you find it?
  5. I am also hopelessly in love with my B-bag, but I've got to say, I am seriously considering some of the new Prada bags for fall. The bag you bought is one of my favorites--that antique brown is one of the best browns ever. Congrats--I think you did great with that purchase!
  6. Oh,
    I was just doing a little shopping at NM in Boca Raton and this was the only one that is in that area...Saks isn't getting them in until January...and since it was the last one...and there were about 4 people on a list to buy it if I didn't, that I HAD TO BUY IT!:graucho:

    Now I have buyer's remorse...my husband things I am a nut...and I do REALLY NEED a new saddle for my horse...

    Prada / Saddle??
    Prada /Saddle??


    And my birthday is the 31st!!!!!!!!:wtf: I think I should have it, but I don't think I can justify it...

    AND...hanging...ever-so-nicely on my antique hat / purse rack are my other bags!!! A Chocolate Paddington '05, Natural Silverado '05, Hogan hobo, Prada Navy Tessuto and MORE....I ONLY CARRY THE BALENCIAGA!
    NMV8977_mp.jpg scross poley.jpg
  7. you need it...LOL!
  8. Keep it for a week - if you're dying to wear it during the week than its a keeper. Sell the other bags on Ebay so you don't feel guilty. Even if you lose money, if you don't use them its better to edit down to pieces that you love.
  9. I like the look of that bag, but I'm not familiar with deerskin. Does it scratch easily? Is it a delicate skin?
  10. I will tell you...it seem to be a VERY durable leather...pebbled & grainy a bit...I am going to take pics and put them up...

    Jill, I LOVE YOU! That's great! LMAO....!!!!! That is what I will tell my DH, By the way...can I blame you!!:roflmfao:
  11. Keep it!!!
  12. Yes..you can blame me..This is why my girlfriends have been banned from shopping with me by their PHH!! LMAO!Wish i weere kidding..eh..hem....

    The deerskin is AMAZING..it doesnt scratch at all..its durable..CAN be worn in the rain,snow..etc..I have many of them,its by far the best Leather by Prada!

  13. Hehehe my thoughts exactly! :lol:
  14. it is a lovely bag, you can never have enough of bags, keep it! lol!
  15. If you shouldn't be buying anything right now, take it back. You'll find that bag later when you can buy it. If you can't find it, it's not meant to be.