just bought a new paddy! i have a question tho!

  1. i just aquired a black paddington. (for super cheap too!!!! $250!!!!) it's all black w/ black hardwear & a black lock. (a TRUE beauty & my obsession a the moment) anyways.... i know it's older but i was wondering if anyone knew exactly how old it may be???? thanks for your replies in advance!
  2. Can you post a piccie Bossjd. The black with black hardware is only from last year, its just I have reservations at the price (im cynical that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is). So I would love to check it out for you :smile:
  3. :wtf: $250???

    I agreed with chloe-babe, the deal sounds too good to be true!!!
  4. That is far too cheap and i can hear alam bells ringing like the other ladies here. Any chance of photos of it?
  5. my friend works at a department store was able to buy it with her discount after it was already heavily discounted.(it apparently had been returned in perfect condition) she had already purchased the tote & after LOOOONG consideration decided to sell me this one. so i know it's legit. here it is:
  6. Wow, that's a steal!!! I'm not one to authenticate but looks good to me and source is legit.

    I'm not sure when this was available but I'm thinking winter 06?? It also looks to me that it's the baby/mini.

    I love the black on black and I'm kicking myself after seeing your beauty for not scooping one up!!
  7. Great price! I love mine too, even though I paid a lot more for it!!:rolleyes: It's one of my favorite nighttime paddys:smile:
  8. that is pretty! and what a deal! congrats :tup:
  9. What a bargain- you are a lucky girl :okay:
  10. Wow!!!:nuts:
    Yes, black on black was definitely from last year.
    I love this - super price for a super bag! Congrats!:heart::tup:
  11. looks great, and amazing deal, congrats! :smile:
  12. this is beautiful! Your friend's loss is your great gain! Congrats and what a great deal this is!
  13. congrats! it's lovely
  14. Beautiful and what a great price to boot!!
  15. Wow... that is gorgeous!!