Just bought a new chanel, off EBAY!!!!!

  1. OMG, Just purchased a Diamond stitch flap off eBay. I was so undecided as to size, authenticity etc thanks to Smoothoperator and Baobaobeibei for their input on authenticity. I hope its authentic and that I got it at a good price. Here's the link to my new purchase


    Any input or your thoughts would be appreciated, if only to help me sleep until it arrives.
  2. Great price too! Congratulations.:yahoo:
  3. oh my, what a gorgeous bag!
  4. Thanks guys and Smoothoprter, All your input has been great. Thanks too Emmy for your pics wearing yours. I plan on using this for an everyday bag I hope its roomy enough for the essentials, phone, wallet, keys, sunnies etc
  5. I have the DS flap so from what I can tell it is authentic so rest assured. The price is really good too. I would have bought it if I had not bought my DS flap. :yes: And from my own experience many times when there are mutliple bids on one item, which is a signal for heavy interests, you ended up paying more than the buy it now at the end. So you did well! Plus this is a relatively current bag.. you can always save additional $100-200 if you wait a year which I wouldn't :jammin:
  6. congrats! it is beautiful :yahoo:

  7. Congrats on your diamond stitch flap! Sure is pretty! :love:
  8. lovely, congrats!:heart:
  9. Unbelievable price! Congrats
  10. lovely diamond stitch, enjoy!
  11. Congrats on your great find, hope it arrives soon!
  12. WOW What a great bag! Congrats on the steal!!
  13. congrats on your new purchase!!!!:yes:
  14. Enjoy your new "baby"!!