just bought a new bag - topkapi - leather is tdf

  1. i had never heard of this brand before - the salesperson told me it was from japan. anyone else heard of it?

    the leather is SO soft and smooth - plus i LOVE the color.:yahoo::yahoo: And the bag is super-adjustible - the straps have 10 different holes you can put the bag on.[​IMG]
  2. It is lovely. Do tell where where we can get one and the price range.
  3. that's cute! what other colors does it come in?
  4. well, i got it at a tiny store on stanton st. in nyc - i don't know where else to get it. it was $185, which i thought was a good price for the leather quality.

    they had a bunch of leather styles, the closest thing i can describe it to is bulga - they had styles that were very similar (i think the one i got looks kinda bulga-y as well). they had the same bag i got in black, orange, dark gray, and white, as well as other styles in similar colors.

    i'm really looking for more info - apparently, topkapi is a palace in istanbul, so google searches just have tons and tons of sites about turkey.
  5. Hey can you take a picture of the bag tag/logo?
    That name sounds so familliar - but I can't seem to remember where I recall it from - maybe seeing the logo can give me some ideas (if it wasn't too much trouble).
  6. here are some more pics:
    [​IMG] (bottom half of tag was cut off in the store)
  7. So pretty, I do love yellow bags. :heart: Good buy!
  8. Why not put the name and phone number of the store in this post so we can call and order one.
  9. i got a Topkapi bag from a place called MIKS, here is the info...


    Neighborhood: Manhattan/Lower East Side
    100 Stanton St
    New York, NY 10002
    (212) 505-1982
  10. Can you post a modeling pic of the bag? I'm curious as to the size of the bag. I love yellow bags!! I agree that it does look Bulgaish.
  11. Cute bag. Thanks for posting the stores info.
  12. I love the shape!
  13. very nice - it looks so soft and smooshy!