Just bought a Mouse Stam!

  1. :sweatdrop: Ah hem...I was doing my work dutifully today; however, when I got back home I did something I shouldn't have done :p ...I went to my computer and was checking for new deals and lo and behold, I saw a Mouse Stam on eBay for $600 :shocked:...needless to say I was supremely tempted and within a few seconds caved in and pressed the buy-it-now button :sweatdrop: . Am sure it is absolutely authentic :heart: and will pay for it soon so it will come home to mama! :drool: I had been thinking of buying another bag for a while and was browsing through different designer bags; looked through the Prada collection and absolutely loved the Gauffre satchel in cera but couldn't bring myself to accept the price...although I know it is worth every penny...and now with a Stam at this price is just too much, so yeah. That is my rambling of the day about my guilty conscience. Was also thinking of buying a Berry Blake but with this new unexpected purchase that may have to wait a while.
  2. Although the thought of getting a Blake for $400 is also tickling me...:drool: but will have to resist to the best of my ability!
  3. Congratulations!! The price is very good! Post pictures when you get it. I want a stam too, but I'm so tiny and it seems bit. Probably I will get a mini stam.:girlsigh:
  4. :lol: The baby Stam that a fellow tpFer has on her sure doesn't look so tiny. I'm rather petite too so I will see how the Stam will work out. :p Finally an authentic Stam for a fantastic deal on eBay...:wlae: ...can't express my disgust when I looked on eBay completed listings to find the average price of Stam sold and saw two absolutely hideous fakes sold there for like around $700-880 :wtf: . Ugh. Hoping those buyers didn't actually pay for them.
  5. Congrats! Did you get the Stam yet?
  6. hm wasn't it the one which was relisted yesterday or am I wrong?
  7. Yes, it was. :cursing: My brother called saying how he's got me a bag-he first bidded and told me he did so. But when I heard the buy it now price I chewed him out and asked him to buy it now. So he did. Now, this seller just relisted the bag 45 minutes after he won it without having told him anything :cursing:. When he asked, she was like, "oh, but you retracted". How in the world can someone retract a buy it now? He just told me all this so I have to say I am very upset.
  8. My brother decided to let it go because he said in the original auction the seller didn't state that the bag is authentic so he is afraid to pick up a fake. That made sense to me but still makes me very upset. How in the world can someone just relist without even telling the winner anything?
  9. Congratulations.
  10. how unfair can this be? you were first, but maybe the seller made a mistake and he wanted to have more money for this bag.

    well the bag seems to be authentic from the pictures.
    maybe you can talk to the seller about this...
    good luck!
  11. I don't know. I had my brother talked to her but she apparently is using his retraction as an excuse saying she thought he didn't want the bag anymore. You may be right. I think she is just playing dumb to get more money off of the auction. But isn't that very illegal to do? I absolutely think I'll leave her a negative for this.:cursing: I know you can't just retract on eBay, but isn't it okay to do so when you place a correct amount? My brother bought the bag with buy it now so isn't it the same thing? I'm really just disgusted now. Don't think I will pursue the bag anymore and I will just leave a negative feedback for her as soon as I can. :yucky:
  12. Arrgh, I just hate dishonest sellers. :cursing:
  13. yes i can completely understand you.
    but for all those who want to bid on the relisted bag . they never know whats going to happen...
  14. well i don't know exactly what you can do but somehow it sounds that what she did is against ebay rules.
    because everyone could come then and tell (or not tell) the winner after the auction that he doesnt want to sell the item anylonger... and relists hoping for more money...
  15. I'm not really sure if you have recourse since you are not the actual buyer, but if your brother did indeed BIN and in no way represented that he was retracting his bid, then he needs to report the seller for "nonperformance" - here's the page on eBay which explains that rule:


    If she relisted the item because he did indicate he was retracting his bid, then she did nothing wrong. He also needs to keep any emails that were sent back and forth.

    BTW, as someone who again did not win the item, there is no method for leaving negative feedback.

    If you feel this situation fits the criteria, you should definitely have him pursue this - that was quite a deal!

    Good luck!