Just bought a MC Speedy 35

  1. yay me!!! :wlae:

    New to the forum here... anybody else have a 35? I see so many with the 25 & 30... but not so much with the 35...
  2. Pics?
  3. Congrats, pics please :nuts:
  4. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics!
  5. is it heavy
  6. Multicolor 35? Wow I want to see this?
  7. there is a 35 in multicolor?that's something new to me or you mean Monogram Canvas
  8. MULTICOLOR SPEEDY 35?? Which one is that??:confused1:
  9. Multicolore 35?!:confused1:

    Doesn´t exist!

    Sorry but the only size in multicolore is Speedy 30!
  10. Maybe you meant 30??? Or the big Keepall 45??? I never remembered there being a 35? Maybe 30...
  11. OOPS I guess I used the abbreviation wrong... :confused1:

    thought MC = Monogram Canvas???

    Sorry guys!!!

    It's not heavy... then again, I love big bags! but I guess it matters if you stuff your bag or not...

    I'll post pics when I get a chance!
  12. Most people here use MC for Multicolore Canvas. Anyway, congrats again!
  13. OHHHH...ok now I get you.LOL

    Congrats and please post pics, we always love to see pictures.hehe
  14. Oh Mono Speedy 35. Gotcha! Welcome BTW! : )
  15. Oh, I see! Gotcha! I only have the usual 25 and 30...But I love the 35 also!:yes:
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