Just bought a marine first (and a photo of my plomb first)

  1. Reading this forum has been a really bad influence on me...I bought my first Bbag a few weeks ago - a plomb first. I've just been loving it so far. It's such a classy bag. Also I live in a college town where everything is very low key - so the bag is toned down enough that I don't feel out of place carrying it (like I sometimes do when I wear 4" stilettos around :smile:).

    I was planning to buy another - a blue glacier first - but I haven't been able to find one. So I started investigating other blues and today I ordered a marine first from BalNY! I hope I like the color when I see it in person - I loved all the photos of marine bags I saw here.

    Thanks to you all and to the photos of your beautiful Bbags for turning me on to this new addiction!

    Here's a photo of my plomb first. (Forgive the dirty window in the background - I work in a museum complex in an old industrial building)
  2. Congrats! I didnt know BalNY still had marine firsts! i've been considering getting one too! Do post pictures when it arrives! =D
    Btw your plomb looks great!
  3. I LOVE the first! Great colour choices!
  4. Gorgeous! I just got my very first bbag and it was a first, too! I love that shape and especiallyin that color you got.
  5. I love your plomb first!!! :love::love::love: That color is stunning!!!!!!!! I also LOVE marine!!!!:love::love::love: Please post a picture when you get it so I can drool!!! :drool: CONGRATS!!!
  6. Love both colors, CONGRATS!!!
  7. I love that Plomb First :nuts: so pretty :yes:
  8. Yum! I can't wait to see your new marine!
  9. Ain't it the truth

    Congrats on your bags, I look forward to seeing your new Marine first
  10. Awwwwkkk!!! I should have never opened this thread!

    I was looking all over the forum last night for pics of a Plomb First (and didn't find one!), because I simply can't get that bag out of my head. And now, this thread is here today! :yahoo: Thanks so much for sharing!

    I am completely enamored by this bag, more than ever. I think I NEED one too. I do, right shoecrazy? (Tell me yes, please!!!) ;)

    Congrats on your new Bbags... can't wait to see the marine when she comes!
  11. A first marine !! What a great buy :nuts:!!
    Love your plomb too !
  12. Dying to see your Marine!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. i'm so envious! i think we have similiar taste for colour and bbag style. congrats!
  15. cool! congrats on your first. love it.