Just bought a Marc Jacobs Heidi Bowler

  1. I am so excited I just ordered a Heidi Bowler from Nordies and I was able to use my Nordstrom note also. SO thaqt helped pay for my next day shipping because I want it now......
  2. Congrats!! I hate waiting for bag deliveries...
  3. Desirusso, I know the feeling. I'm also waiting for my MBMJ Heidi from Shopbop to arrive. It won't get here until Monday. Can't wait. Share pics, please.:tup::woohoo:
  4. I just got the one I ordered from Shopbop today. I love it! I got it in Stone. What color did you get?
  5. I got the black color. Does the bag look big at all? After I ordered it, I got worried that it might look big on me (I'm 5'1'') but I keep telling myself I will love this one. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.
  6. ^It is a big bag, but I don't think it looks too big at all. I'm 5'4". I love the soft squishy leather. I hope you love it! Let us know what you think when you get it!
  7. BagLuver, thanks for your input. I actually saw it on this girl one time and fell in love with it without thinking if it was going to look big on me. I guess it's true when they say love is blind. haha... yes I will definitely let you know once I get in next week.
  8. I also got the black I tracked it and it should be here this afternoon
  9. haha its the week of the heidis!!

    i bought one at the MBMJ store in New York City last weekend. i got so excited that i bought it with the silver hardwear. thinking back i would prefer it with the brass:sad: im slightly bummed.

    but it is still a gorgeous purse!
  10. Received my bag yesterday I LOVE IT!!!!! I'll have to post pics the leather is so soft. There is so much room in it too I was surprised
  11. Congrats on your bag! I can't wait for mine to arrive Monday after hearing much positive feedbacks from all of you. Please post pics.
  12. Hi, I posted this in the "Sales Sightings" section, but the Heidi Bowler will be marked down 30% plus triple points at Saks on Wed Nov 7th.
  13. ^What a deal!!! That's even better than the deal I got at shopbop!

    I really like this bag - I highly recommend to anyone contemplating it.
  14. I received my bag yesterday and ladies, you were right. It's gorgerous. I love it very much. The bag is a little big on me but I'm definitely keeping it.
  15. congrats~~!!
    will you be posting pictures??