Just bought a khaki/black large carly and it's fraying

  1. After much thought, I bought a khaki/black large carly, and the signature material has started to fray after only one day of use at the mall. I guess it was rubbing against my pants, but that is really weird because my pants didn't have any sharp objects on them that would have caused the fraying.

    Realllly annoyed about this :tdown:

    It doesn't look like I can fix it, but even worse, I'm worried that it will fray even more.

    Anyone else have this happen to them?
  2. I haven't really heard anyone complaining on the forum, but I have noticed a few for sale on eBay that have had fraying issues...
  3. Oh No!!! :wtf: Mine hasn't had any problems yet.. she is pretty new though... I too have seen several on eBay with the fabric issues, worried but thought those were the few in the minority.. I hope :confused1: I would take it back to the boutique and see what they say... it is a $350 bag and you wore it once?!?! crazy!!!
  4. I have a large black signature Carly and used it for months after I first got it. I never had any problem with fabric fraying. I'd say take it back to the boutique and exchange it. Maybe there are some of them that are defective. I'm sorry this happened to you.
  5. I would take it back ASAP! I have heard about quite a few people having issues with the quality of the Carly. It makes me sad!

  6. I have heard this too and it is VERY upsetting b/c Carly is such a nice bag! I would take that bag back and show the SA's....they will probably replace it for you since you ONLY used it ONCE!!!! That is not acceptable! I would do this FAST though so you can PROVE you only wore it once and bring your reciept for proof! Keep us posted as to what happens! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  7. I'd take it back to the store and show them; they should be happy to replace it. Because that signature fabric is new, and different from our typical jacquard, there might be problems with it that we aren't aware of. But your SA should replace it for you! :yes:
  8. Hi. Is the fabric different from all the previous signature fabrics? I bouth the large khaki\black Carly, and now am hesitant to use it:tdown:

    I never had any problems with my other signature items..........
  9. ^^^^
    I am wondering the same thing.. I have the medium carly and LOVE her... but I have seen several that have done this, and was wondering if it is different than the fabric they have used forever :confused1:
  10. Sarah: is the fabric DIFFERENT b/c of the huge C's? Or is it a different material than they used previously?
  11. It's a different material than the normal jacquard, I think :yes: Or the texture leads me to believe it is. If you feel it, you can feel a difference. They're making it differently.
  12. I thought it FELT different than my khaki/camel hobo....but then I thought I was going crazy b/c jacquard is jacquard!!! LOL..but I guess I was right! Is this NEW fabric ONLY on the Carly's b/c all of my other bags feel the same...only Carly felt different....THX!
  13. i THINK it's exclusive to the Carly. The signature stripe bags for fall are the normal jacquard to my knowledge. I didn't get a chance to feel 'em up properly at the store.
  14. Thanks for the info!!! I thought I was going crazy!! Nice to know I'm not!! (well...not TOTALLY!!! LOLOLOL)
  15. Thanks for the info - would a coach store exchange it for me without a receipt? I still have the tag, but I bought it at bloomingdales and it was the last khaki/black one that they had.