Just bought a Gryson Olilvia for $250!

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  1. I hope I won't regret it and/or be sorry, but I couldn't pass this up - I'm sure it would have disappeared

    To me the bag looks authentic, and the seller appears to have perfect FB & sells other high end stuff at rather low prices. A small stain inside the bag hardly bothers me - and I've actually bought much worse for more $$.

    What do you guys think???
  2. Looks authentic to me. Logo plate and dustbag matches mine. Handles look a bit stretched, I recommend not filling the bag too much or carrying it on the shoulder strap. Great price!
  3. The eBay pics look really good. Looks like it's got the sig suede lining known for Gryson. Good luck!
  4. I meant to say: I recommend not filling the bag too much. If you fill it with a lot of stuff, carry it on the shoulder strap.
  5. do you find that the handles aren't strong enough to hold up carrying the bag on your arm? I kinda wondered how the woven leather holds up. Usually when I have this kind of bag (w/dual handles & shoulder strap), I try to carry it on my arm as much as possible, but there are times I end up hanging it on my shoulder. One thing I'm curious about - - are there 2 shoulder straps? Or is it just one strap that separates on the ends into two pieces?
  6. There's one shoulder strap and you can twist the metal holders around so it is tucked away under the bag when you're not using it.
  7. Holy cow. Good deal! Looks real to my, iluvmybags. Enjoy!
  8. wow, that is a good deal! i don't know to authenticate this bag, but if it's authentic, u got yourself a deal :yahoo:
  9. I don't think I follow you. From pics I've seen, it looks like each end of the bag has two sets of adjustable straps - I was wondering if those two sets came together to form one single shoulder strap, or if there were actually sets of shoulder straps on the bag?? I don't understand the "metal holders" you're referring to. Can you explain it a little more, or even show a pic??

    The other thing I wondered about - I've heard Lexie comment how great the lining is because it's tacked down, but looking at the pics, it looks like the lining was pulled out & photographed (sorta like MJ bags are photographed sometimes). Does anyone know if maybe the linings were left loose on the earlier bags? The seller said she got this bag last year & used it for just one season.

    I'm so excited about getting this bag - It won't be here until the early part of next week, and the anticipation's killing me!!!
  10. I saw this on eBay yesterday. It does appear real. Check it out carefully when you get it because there are Grysons on eBay that are fake. They are selling them on Ioffer now. Here's a pic of the fake Ioffer bag. It appears to have 2 straps but at a glance it looks okay.

    The Gryson lining is awesome. You can pull it out but it is so fitted that it forms to the inside to appear tacked down. It is not like a loose Kooba lining. The top of the bag has two sets of buckles on each side that swivel. That is where you can buckle in the long strap. I tend not to use it because when you have the strap on, it seems to interfere with the zipper opening easily. And since this is the Skye, it's smaller and no so weighty as an Olivia. I like my Tate because the buckles are situated a little differently. I am taking a pic of the top of the bag so you can see it. Even when you do have the strap on, because of how the buckles are, the straps hang kinda funny. Picture coming next.

    Oh...here is the Fake on IOffer...

  11. Here are the pics of the metal fasteners and the inside of the bag. I do think you are better off using the straps on the Olivia or those woven handles may really stretch out worse. But I never leave my strap on when not in use. I don't like the look of it along the bottom of the bag when you swivel the fasteners so it faces down.


  12. OK now I'm confused (and a little worried) - the one you showed me on iOffer - does it have 2 straps? Do the fake ones have 2 straps?

    I think this is why I thought the bag had 2 straps - take a look at this pic (from ADASA) - see how the strap is split? Plus the description says "adjustable double buckled shoulder straps." Is it just one strap split like that?

    What's confusing me more is that in the auction that I won - in the description, she says "Shoulder Straps and Woven Top Handles" - and if you look at the picture with the dust bag, it looks like there's another strap lying behind the bag. Plus, the strap that can be seen in the first pic, it doesn't look split (like the one fron ADASA).

    I've never seen a Gryson IRL - just pics on the internet at various websites. I guess I'm just not really clear how it's supposed to look. I mean, I don't think the bag's fake. I just think this seller likes to buy expensive things & sells them when she gets tired of them. I did email her asking where she originally bought the bag, but I haven't heard back from her - Could the very early Grysons have been made a little differently?
  13. I'm so sorry...having a bad day here. I keep the straps in a seperate location because I never use them. I just checked. There is indeed 2 straps and they buckle just like the pic you showed. But you can see from the pic that the straps kinda interfere with the zipper when they are on.
    As far as Ioffer goes, it's hard to tell where they get their pics. They could have stolen an authentic pic from somewhere. All I know is a few weeks ago I noticed several black Skyes on ebay all selling for 200-250. Then I checked Ioffer and saw them there. Sellers had low feedback ,etc. Not often do you see Grysons for 200 bucks. I paid over 600 for mine. There is a LavanderMoon person selling one and the pic from Ioffer says Lavender's House. Also a Fashion coffer person that I have seen the pics on Ioffer with his watermark is selling black grysons. His location says "default Tiawan".

    Gosh, I just checked. You can buy a minimum bulk order of camel Skye's on Ioffer for 145.00 each!!! This is horrible!
  14. thanks for double checking that Lexie. I do feel better now. I agree that if I saw a NWT Gryson for $200-300 on ebay, I'd hit the back button as fast as possible. The fact that the bag I bought is used and has a stain inside, I'm pretty sure I'm getting the real deal. Like I said before, I just think this seller likes to buy expensive things & resells them when she tires of them. Honestly, whenever I've resold something (on ebay) I've started all my auctions at 9.99 w/no reserve and set a pretty reasonable BIN. My thinking is, if I bought a bag & used it, anything I sell it for is a profit. It's not like buying a new handbag w/the intention of selling it for a profit. I think that's the case here.

    I will look the bag over carefully when I get it, although I'm not entirely sure what my focus will be. If the stitching, hardware, zippers, etc all look to be of excellent quality & the leather is soft & supple, I think I should be OK. Any advice on what to look for?
  15. It would be really hard to tell I think had you never seen a real Grsyon. Depending on the quality of the fake too.

    I tewn to agree with you. I think the seller just wanted to sell her bag and was willing to take a loss and you got to be the lucky one who found it. I start my auctions low usually too. I just sold a Botkier Carllton used only 2 days for 359.