Just bought a Grenat Mini Bowling from LVR


Feb 17, 2006
It's a long story ... I wanted an YSL Muse for 50% off from LVR but their online ordering system had a 'chronological mishap' (their words) so the bag I wanted was not available even though I was able to place an online order ... So ... they offered me free shipping (a 50 euro saving) and some BBags at 30%.

I wanted the Box in Rouge VIF but their customer service was so busy with the sales activities nobody got back to me for a few days so I called them. Cristina was very nice on the phone. The Box only had Sapin available so I chose a Grenat mini Bowling. It's an interesting shape and I think the Grenat actually suits me better than the Rouge.

It's kinda a pain to order BBags from LVR - you have to be Verified in Paypal or you have to do wire transfer but I think we sorted it all out. Hopefully my bag will be sent out tomorrow. Cristina said I could get it on Friday, at which time I will have to deal with the FedEx and customs taxes ... I am hoping I will save a few hundred dollars in the end and get me a beautiful Bbag - a sister to my 06 Lilac City.

Wish me luck, and I will post pictures as soon as I am able.
You guys!!! Travelbug---sigh! I'm calling LVR tomorrow to try to get the sapin city. lol. I just got my first bag on sunday and it is monday?? is that insane or what.

oh well, I guess yall can understand!