Just bought a Damier Koala wallet!!!

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  1. I just got home from a trip to the LV store on Bloor....and I bought a Damier Koala wallet! I am really excited, I needed a functional wallet desperately. Thanks to everyone who helped me decide on the Damier, the Vernis was so pretty too, but not as practical.
  2. Great choice! Can you post pictures so that we all can drool?!
  3. Fashion, enjoy it! I am in love with the damier line..and it is such a good price for a wallet as functional as the Koala ( plus i am a sucker for the animal)
  4. congratz! i wanna see pictures too
  5. Congratulations! Use it in good health
  6. Sounds like a great shopping day ! Congrat's :love:

  7. Fabulous, I love the LV on Bloor ! ;)
  8. can't wait until you post your pics! had the koala been smaller, I would have snatched it up too when I was at the LV boutique :smile: CONGRATS!!!
  9. Congratulations!! The Koala is so cute.
  10. i am really loving the damier wallets lately.. the koala is such a cute style! congrats :smile:
  11. Great choice! The koala is probably the cutest wallet- it really must be in Damier.
  12. That's great! Happy for you!
  13. Love The Koala...Good Choice! ENJOY!!!
  14. i want the koala also
  15. Thanks everyone!! I really like the functionality of this wallet. I had the MC porte tresor international for a long time, but ended up selling it because it was so big, and I often like to carry smaller bags.

    Will post pics later!!