Just bought a Coach Flap from BONAFIDELUXURY.COM

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  1. Any body know this company? * www.BONAFIDELUXURY.COM* Just bought a Coach Studded Flap for my cousin and can't wait to receive it! Happy Holidays~
  2. Since this is a very new member, I wonder if this is an interesting attempt at advertising.
    I wouldn't buy from this site, because of the following I found out from their web site:

    "All sales are final.
    BonafideLuxury.com strives to offer you great designer merchandise at the best possible value. In order to do so, we are not able to take returns

    "Disclaimer: We are not Coach authorized reseller or dealer. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners."

    But even if the bags are real, the prices aren't that fantastic. If you want discount coach - head on over to a Coach outlet.
  3. yup. it's authentic. but the return policy? pshh.
  4. the purses aren't even filed under the correct lines on that site.