Just bought a Coach Black Leather Jacket and Hampton Pebble Tote ...

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  1. 10215 in Black. It is the large "business tote" with brass hardware. I was thinking this would be good because my Baby Chihuahua will fit in it too.

    I like the smaller size Hampton tote too.

    I also bought an Ipod Mini white and silver lined case - so cute for $13.99

    The coat was $164.00 (50% off marked price)

    The Tote was 209.99 This was on a take 30% of clearance

    The are holding a white soho pocket flap that will be around 119.00

    and a black soho flap tha will be around 139.00

    This was from the Coach Outlet in Dawsonville, Georgia

    Cool SA - I walked in before closing. I will probably go back in a few days, once I decide what I am keeping. They said the take extra 30% off clearance may not still be on.

    Any inside info on this.

    I sort of like the Hampton Pebble Tote in tan, white and bright green.
  2. Their sales change on Thur mornings. So what is on sale today might not be on sale Thur.

    Also, if I recall correctly, about this time or so, the sales discounts diminish significantly. I remember going to the outlets last winter/spring and nothing being marked down 20% or 30% at times.
  3. Congrats on your savings and purchases!
    I'm not sure the tote would be the best bag for your pup to be in, but they did make a pet carrier you may be interested in which would better suit his/her comforts.