Just bought a Celine Bittersweet!!

  1. pics to follow....its such a great bag!
  2. Congratulations! That's a great bag.
  3. OMG, congrats! I stared and stared at that bag 2 days ago at the Celine in Costa Mesa. It's on my wishlist.
  4. Can't wait for pics!
  5. Congrats, love to see pics! It's such a great bag :yes:
  6. sorry I posted and ran away then! Pics to follow tonight. I got the large in white grain finish leather with tobacco trim
  7. Congrats. Cant wait to see pics
  8. congrats!!
  9. Yay for you! I just bought one as well! A bit of drama with Neiman's sending me the Havana Brown when I ordered the Gunmetal, though...returned and as soon as the Gunmetal became available again I was quick to order. Mine should be here in a week so will post pics too (if they send the right color this time :smile:!
  10. Congratulations! It's such a gorgeous bag.
    Can't wait for the pics.
  11. I've read great things about that bag. I'd love to see your pictures. Congratulations!
  12. You got my FAVORITE bittersweet! Congrats! Love that bag... don't have one (yet!)!
  13. I too can't wait to see your pix of you modeling the bag. I saw one on another thread and the bag looked gi-normous. So let's see it on you.
    I adore the bag, but I'm concerned it is going to be too big for me.
  14. sorry realised I never posted pics...will do so asap! Am still loving the Bittersweet!
  15. yes please post! i'm starting to really like celine bittersweet:love: