Just bought a Burberry polo from Saks.com... have a question...

  1. I bought this polo in the "mint" color
    Burberry - Cotton Piqué Polo - Saks.com
    The thing is, every color from Saks.com is also on burberry's official website except for "mint"... Is this because the color is discontinued? Does the official website have all the colors?

    If it wasn't from Saks I would have suspected a fake...
  2. Is this a seasonal color?
  3. yep- I would assume that mint is a seasonal color. Maybe Burberry.com ran out or never carried it to begin with.
  4. I was at the store recently and I saw alot of things that I was thinking about buying...but of course I said to myself no wait think it over... and I decided to look at everything online and its not even on their site... so I wouldn't assume it was from last season
  5. Do you mean you WOULD assume?