Just bought a Bay Messenger bag in Moka from Bluefly!

  1. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Ack!!! What have I done?!? I'm Chloe obsessed!!!

    I found my absolutely gorgeous Muscade paddy to be not as practical as I hoped, when I was in the city for a few days last week. It kept sliding off my shoulder and wasn't very comfortable when pushing my 16-month old daughter in her pram, so I knew I had to get something that I could carry hands-free. :wlae:

    I saw the Bay messenger in Moka on Bluefly yesterday and kept dreaming about it overnight. I snapped it up this morning for US$883.20 (plus $65 postage! Ack!! :sad:) Even though I'll have to pay customs duty (double ack!!) it still works out to be a good price IMHO.

    So now I'll have a Bay tote in Moka, that I haven't even used, that I will need to sell. Size-wise the tote is "practical" but I can't carry that hands-free either.

    Please tell me I've done the right thing buying a Bay messenger. :rolleyes:
  2. I want to say congrats, but instead I'm going to say BECAREFUL! Bluefly has a reputation for selling fakes! Many tPFers have been ripped off by them in the past. They might have mend their ways, but personally I don't think it's worth the risk. Sorry nelstar! :sad:
  3. I agree with leanbeanee im afraid. Too many of our PFers have been caught our, so just be very very aware as the bay is actually easier to copy than the paddy ever was :sad:

    Sorry, I hate to burst any fellow Chloe lovers bubble, but you have to be v v cautious with Bluefly, their fakes have not been a one off unfortunately, and have not been exclusive to Chloe either
  4. I have ordered a fendi spy and a paddy from bluefly and a fendi wallet and they are all authentic- so congrats!!
  5. Congratulations. The noir bay and paddington I ordered from bluefly was authentic also.
  6. Golly do we have to rehash the BF reputation thing again?:push:
  7. Well, I'm still willing to give it a go. :push:

    BUT.....I got an email from BF last night, but only read now, asking me to fax them some extra info. Unfortunately I don't have access to a fax for another 18 hours, and the 24 hours will be up at 11pm tonight before they cancel the order. :sad:

    Also, they have requested a copy of my credit card statement showing my credit card number (or last 4 digits) but my Visa statement is actually my bank statement and doesn't show my cc number on it anywhere. :wtf: It also shows my address as a PO box, when I had to give BF a street address.

    What can I do? :crybaby:
  8. I wish I could help you with that....but I did purchase a large pocket Paddy from them, and it was 100% Authentic!!! Gorgeous Bag!
  9. I think so. We need to see HM's fake paddy again... <shiver> ...to remind us... :throwup:
  10. I dont see it as rehashing, I find it helps to help keep our members 100 percent on the ball, so that they can be doubly and trebly sure that their bag is authentic. If an eBay had in their feedback that they had sold a fake, I sure would not buy from them, even if future bags they were selling looked completely ok, so why not be as cautious with a seller. Its just good sense to make people aware of all the facts.
  11. I ordered a Gucci from Bluefly and it was authentic. Fortunately, they are using security tags so that should cut down on the fakes (at least the ones being returned). Return was a snap!