Just bought 1st Tokis!!!

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  1. Been crazy for these bags, but am a dye hard LVer... So, I went belly up and bought 2 bags yesterday at the Honolulu airport... I was surprised they didn't have a very big selection, but the ones I got are fab and love them to death... I think they are the amour series,,, pink with hearts and fish and cactus people, I got a big long one wiht outside pocket, smaller on the bottom, long strap, retailed for $220...Oh go, love it! Bought the same series, smaller square with two front pockets $158,, for summertime in Hawaii this pink orange and yellow series grabbed me, think I want one more from this... Will be looking in Oahu went I go shopping on Friday, hopefully, they can be found at Waikiki... anyway, I'm an idiot on Toki, don't know what I bought< i just know that I adore them and want more, maybe one more out of this series and progress on to the next. I know I could have found them on sale probably, but just could not resist getting them in the Honolulu airport... I need to start studying this forum, so I can figure out what the hell I just bought....:rolleyes::nogood:Thanks for understanding...:tup:
  2. Maybe you got a gioco & a bambinone? IDK girl..maybe you should have waited til you got to the Ala Moana Lesportsac, Gioco Hawaii retail is $204 including tax...and a Bambinone is like $145-something I think... O__O But if you love it & are willing to pay that much, good for you :biggrin:

    You should check out the Waikele Outlet if you want Original print..they should still have some. And yes, there is a Lesportsac in Waikiki so you can look there as well :smile:

    Look like this, one of them?

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  3. Thanks sweetie! I'll get my camera out... not sure what the hell I bought... oh well, let me take some pics... but when I have been dying for them and there they were, i busted out the cash....lol.... no regrets, haven't put them down since I got em, actually used both looped over my shoulders today...
  4. LOL, that's very cool! I'm like that too, no regrets. Most of my bags I buy at retail anyway cuz I fall in love with them too :smile:
  5. Congrats Veronika! I love that print!!!
  6. Here's some pics...

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  7. And, one more, I truly adore them, will start reading LeSport Sac web sites to understand more... i'm doing LV, but Toki is really really hard... imo..

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  8. ooo the big long one w/ one pocket is called a corriere and the small one with two pockets is called a stellina... they're awesome bags! so puurdy congrats again :biggrin:
  9. ahhhhhhhh ok those are very pretty :biggrin: Are you @ an internet cafe or you have a laptop w/ wireless connection? LOL.

    The stellina price looks ok now...but the corriere is a lil above retail but its good that you love them, so it's well worth it :biggrin: Well in my opinion anyway :tup: lolz.
  10. Oh Grrrl, that's a hot bag! my pattern but not my bag, love that bag shape, must look for that one!:heart:
  11. REally pretty bags!! Congrats on your first 2!! :yahoo:

    You should definitely check the Waikele Outlet if you want the original prints!! They're cheaper too! :biggrin:

    Another TPFer in Hawaii!! And we JUST had our meet too!!
  12. Uh oh Veronikah, youre gonna buy more than 2 bags here?!?!?!? OHHH girll you must be rich! haha. Maybe the Waikiki one might have mine...it's called GIOCO. I don't think the Ala Moana one has it....
  13. Congratz on ur new lovely bags! and welcome to the addiction :graucho:
  14. Okay, see I just found out that the artist dude is Italian, which makes sense with all the Italian names, have no IDEA what they mean... I thought it was all Japanese... I thought they were expensive too, but literally could NOT resist. oh, I love these bags!!! I did get a $30.00 gift certificate, which I'm wanting to go back to get another, I wanted the caramella the small clutch makeup, but they didn't have toki, only LeSportsac, which pales in comparison IMO. I'd rather spend the $30 on another nice bag... I think the pirata is rather cool with black and white outfits... so, we'll see... I think I'm gonna stick around and see what you hipsters talk about round these parts.... heehee, thanks for your help and compliments.... I LOVE TOKI!