Just booked my trip to Puerto Rico in Feb... any tips for me?

  1. I am so excited, I will be going to Puerto Rico in February! Have any of you ever been there, and do you have any tips or must-sees? Thanks! :tup:
  2. My friend got married there and her DH is from there...I will talk to her and let you know what they say!!!
  3. Shopping, dining, lodging, beaches, sightseeing???
  4. Best tip I can give is: LET ME COME!!!!

    Have fun though. Take lots of pics.
  5. Thanks! :smile:

    ^^bravo- tips for sightseeing, beaches, and dining would be my top priority (of course shopping I wouldn't mind haha), and I am all set for lodging! :smile: I appreciate all of your input!
  6. My husband and I went to PR for our 10th anniversary. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in (new) San Juan ("old" San Juan is where the cruise ships dock. They're about 20 minutes apart.)

    We were there in Oct. and the ocean water was really warm. One thing, at least at the Ritz, they close and lock the gates to the beach at 6 pm and advise you not to go on the beach after hours, especially in the dark. It's cool because you get a feeling that you're in another country (I know, I know, it's part of the US) but it still feels "ethnic" in terms of food and culture-but if you want Pizza Hut, you can still get it, you know? Things to do- definitely visit old San Juan if you're not staying there, there are some cool boutiques and shops. And there's a really old church and stone fort to learn about some of the history. You have to go up to the El Yunque rain forest- you can do a hike through on your own and it's beautiful, but be warned, it's a tough hike, so if you're not used to exersize- take it easy. We rented a car one day and just drove around and explored the island which was cool to do.

    I really enjoyed PR, thought it was beautiful and would definitely go back. Have a great time!!! Oh and I almost forgot!!! There's an LV Boutique in new San Juan!! Yay!!
  7. Believe it or not this is the 5th time I'm writting this because my pc has pms...

    Missbanff is right on the money. Old San Juan is a must see. The architecture, the stores...you can see the Cathedral, the Morro Fort, the Capilla del Cristo. All of Spanish times. There are amazing shops there, Coach Factory, Polo, Dooney & Burke. Jewelry stores are fab!!! For malls, Plaza Las Americas, the largest in the Caribbean. Wonderful stores and restaurants(Tierra del Fuego is delish). People also tour the Bacardi Distillery for obvious reasons!! In Condado, one of the "poshest" areas of the island and like 5 mins from Old San Juan there are the LV, Cartier, Gucci and Chanel stores (I might be wrong on Chanel and Gucci).

    The Yunque rainforest is also a must see. Near there is Luquillo beach. Shallow waters and calm tides. It's a wonderful beach. Those are on the east side of the island. On the south side of the island there's Ponce. The Museo de Arte (museum of Art) is there as well as the Serralles Castle (a rich rum distilling family the Serralles' built it). Nice beaches too. West side: Mayaguez and Rincon. Rincon is a world known surfing area. Great seafood (anywhere really).

    There are beaches anywhere you look, some better than others. Dining is awesome. In the San Juan Metro area you can find pretty much every kind of cuisine. In Old San Juan there are these new trendy nouveau cuisine places that are all the rage. I LOVE Tamarind!!!! It's caribbean (cuban-puertorican) insipired food. :drool: They have this rissotto with short deboned ribs that I would kill for!!! And the passion fruit sangria is yummy. Near the beaches you can find kiosks that sell beers and sodas and deep fried goodies tha'll clog your arteries but'll make feel glad you had 'em!!!!

    In feb the weather here is cool, by our standards anyways. The water is cool, we don't tend to go to the beach much in feb. If you come from the cold you'll find it perfect. It's always sunny here too. Hope this all helps and you have a wonderful time here!!!
  8. OMG Passion fruit Sangria! Sangria is my favorite drink! Thank you soooo much ^^ and everyone else for all of your helpful input! I am so psyched to go. I really want to see el Yunque rainforest and I can't wait to go snorkeling at the beach, and also try all the food. It sounds delicious, my mouth is watering as I read this! Thank you again!!!!! :smile:
  9. How about................Take Me With You!!!! haha

    I hope you have a great time! and take pics!