Just booked a big vacation

  1. to Hong Kong, Bangkok & Singapore....

    I've never been there before, any tips or advice or must see's or must do's...

    I'm going in late August, my husband and I are so excited!!!!!!!
  2. Oh gawd!!! Im from Singapore!! But u can pretty much shop till u drop at all three!!!
    And ure gonna eat till u die in Singapore!!!

    If u have the time, u can even squeeze in a spa getaway to Phuket, or Bintan!
  3. Lots of shopping in Hong Kong, that's for sure! They can make suits and dress shirts in one day, and have them shipped to the US, just FYI.

    I've never been to the other 2 countries.
  4. Have fun!!! I went to Hong Kong once for 3 days. I must say it's my fav city outside of NYC, and I've been to a LOT of places.
  5. I have never been, but I just wanted to say have a wonderful time, it sounds amazing!
  6. Sorry to quote myself, but I'm an idiot! We went to Bangkok! Hahaha! If you're going to the castles and Temples, you have to cover your shoulders and you can't wear shorts, no tight clothes either. Oh, the massage vendors on the street....it's for $5-$10 for 2 hours. Try one of those.
  7. I've always wanted to go to Bangkok!!! The only advice I can give is to have fun!!! And be safe.
  8. That sounds like such a wonderful trip itinerary! Hong Kong is my favorite city (outside the US) and I really would lke to visit Singapore! Have fun!
  9. Im Thai and went there years ago!! Go to many little markets and enjoy all the exotic fruit!! Need more details on where to go just PM me!! I'll give you a list!!
  10. Went to Singapore twice. Get ready to shop and eat! I never found a meal I didn't love in Singapore. My DH had a few custom made suits and shirts done from an amazing tailor, and he still places orders with him to this day and has them shipped. I also got a raw silk suit made and the fit was amazing. Don't even get me started on the designer shops! It's such a great, clean, and very friendly city:tup: and you must go to Raffles and have a Singapore sling:graucho:
  11. I love Singapore! It's clean and lovely. If you need a break from shopping, check the botanical gardens or Sentosa... and as Siri Anne says, go to the Raffles for a Singapore Sling - it's such a lovely old place - really peaceful if you go in the early morning (8am-10am) although you might have an orange juice instead LOL

    HK is good too - I feel it has changed since the changeover though. I can't really define it. The shopping's fantastic still and make a trip up to Victoria Peak if you get a day off! Have a bit in Jimn Sat Tsui (sp?).

    I've never to bangkok, sorry!

  12. RE: Phuket.. :tup::tup::tup: lotsa stuffs that you can buy for your $
  13. yay! all of this sounds so exciting!

    there are a lot of add on options for this trip-full day tours, half day etc

    one in thailand is to go to an island for snorkeling, surfing etc....maybe i should try that....

    my husband really wants to see a muy thai fight...

    my mom said singapore is awesome, she went on her way to india before

    i have a high school friend who lives in hong kong...

    i can't wait!!!!!!!!! (except for all the flying, esp from ny to la to singapore!)
  14. Ooh...I 4got to ask u when exactly were u going to be in Singapore. because from Sept 28 onwards, they are having the F1 Grand Prix Night race, so starting from mid Sept onwards, hotel prices are going to be hitting sky high(heard it was ard 30% extra tax) and most places have already been fully booked.

    As for attractions, the Zoo is pretty good and the Night Safari is the only kind in this world.

    Shopping: Orchard Rd! So many different malls there, just go into every single one.

    Designer shopping wise; don't bother with Chanel(unless its accesories, then yes its cheaper), Hermes and Balenciaga are also a little more expensive in Singapore.
    U could get pretty decent prices on watches over there(Omega, Rolex, etc). Jewellery is also at a good price(24k gold though)

    As for snorkelling, u can try to go to Phuket, Kho Samui or Krabi either from Bangkok or Singapore.

    Food: definitely have to go to Newton Circus, Chomp Chomp and Lau Pa Sat.

    Hotels: Ritz-Carlton, Fullerton, Raffles, Goodwood park.

    any qns just ask me!!! more than happy to help!
  15. :tup:

    When we went to Thailand, it was during high tide, so we were adivised not to go to Phuket. We ended up going to Samui and it was fantastic! Definitley check out these islands since it's not that far from Bangkok (1 hour flight from Bangkok to Samui), but visiting other islands will also depend on how long you stay in Thailand/Singapore. I think we stayed in Bangkok for at least 3 days and we were in Samui for another 4 days.