Just before going to LVshop! PLZ help me to choose~~


Which one?Black multicolor Trouville or Noe???

  1. Black Multicolor Noe

  2. Black Multicolor Trouville

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  1. Im planning to go to LV shop tomorrow but I can't choose which one should I get between black multicolor Trouville and multicolor Noe!!
    I already tried both of them and love them both..but my bf gonna only buy me one atm...
    Which one would you prefer to get??????
  2. i would get the mc noe. :tup: i prefer shoulder bags because i have 3 kids and i need to be hands free.
  3. I prefer the noe too.. The troville seems like a hassle to get things in and out of IMO..
  4. I'm a Noé owner, so I prefer the Noé.....
    Either one you choose, they are fabulous bags !!!!!
  5. I prefer the trouville. The noe just looks awkward to me.
  6. trouville, those pockets on the noe is sorta strange somehow.
  7. Trouville. The Noe seems to get wrinkly.. but it's cute too.
  8. I would get the noe, I love my black MC noe - it sits very comfy on the shoulder, holds heaps and you can just throw stuff in it.:tup:
  9. love the black mc noe!
  10. :yes::yes::yes:
  11. That's a tough one... my vote goes towards the MC Noe. :tup:
  12. I love Trouville. You can always purchase extra shoulder strap for it.
  13. Noe.. cute design for a cute canvas.
  14. I have neither, but I like how the Noe looks.
  15. Hi - I have to say I just returned a Black MC Noe because I didnt use it! I was really worried about the vachetta bottom and some have complained about the drawstring closure. You have to try them both on, I think. Its a tough call and I have "vachetta fear" so it just wasnt going to work. Both are such cute bags, though, you cant go wrong. I did like the 2 exterior Noe pockets, nice feature - Good Luck!!! Happy shopping!