Just been to Shepton factory shop!

  1. Ok Mulberry gals - here's the latest from the Shepton Mallet factory shop after my visit today.
    I went fully intending to buy a bronze Alana I'd seen there for £247. I very nearly bought it until the SA told me that the bronze is not durable and the coating will come off with wear. I'm not one for babying my bags so that was a no no.
    Then I had a lengthy time agonising over an oak Alana and the Phoebe in oak or olive green. Oh how I loved the shape of the Phoebe but, my god, it's heavy.
    I honestly cannot believe I'm typing this but three hours later (!!) and I came out empty handed!!
    Anywaythought those of you in the UK might be interested in what they had.
    Araline: Lots of them and in all colours including forest green; pumpkin; soft pinky red; chocolate; black.
    Ayler: Three sizes. Biggest was £397. Colours were purple/pink; chocolate/ginger; plain chocolate brown; chalk/brown/ginger.
    Bayswater: Again lots and all colours. Average price was £347. Black; chocolate; soft red; ginger; oak. They had some with the patchwork leaf print and some with the embroidered flap, also chocolate with contrast piping. Also lots of Ledburys.
    Emmy: Again lots. Average price was £347. Chocolate with ginger piping; plain chocolate; oak; ginger; chalk with brown piping; soft red.
    Alana: Ranged from £247 for bronze metallic to £347 for plain leather. Colours were black; chocolate; oak; choc with oak piping.
    Annie: Around £400. Vanilla, black and ginger.
    Phoebe: £415. Oak; mocha (v dark choc); olive green; ginger with paler top section; chocolate with pumpkin top section.
    Roxanne and Rosemary: Black; soft pink; choc. I think there may have been other colours. Didn't check the price.
    Smithfield: One in emerald green.
    Joni: Emerald green and dark pink.
    Kensington: Oak; black.
    Soho: Chalk with brown piping; nude with pale tan strap.
    There were others but I hope I've given you a taste!
  2. Thanks that's really helpful :tup:
  3. Hi,
    Did they have any Blenheims on sale? My sister is looking for one, colours like brown or oak would be great.
  4. Also is the shop near to the train station? I will be going there tomorrow by train from Marylebone Station.
  5. I don't remember seeing it. You might want to check direct with them as they said they'd had a big bag delivery yesterday. The number is 01749 340583.
  6. Thank you SarahJane, I have just phoned them and they have Oak, Brown and Lavender all for £197.00:tup:. I was also given directions how to get there. If I am unable to get there tomorrow they also do mail order
  7. Thanks for the report, sarahjane. Did you have a notebook?!

    When I went to the Bicester outlet, I had my toddler with me so literally got to look round for 10 minutes and that was it - he has a short attention span when it comes to bags!

    I was originally put off the bronzing due to the wear & tear issue but I figure that by the time the bronzing wears off, I'll have gone off my current metallic obsession anyway :yes: and the chocolate colour that's left is also quite nice.

    I think when there are so many bags, all reduced, it's very difficult to choose between them. I love the look of the Phoebe but find it heavy and small considering the weight. I'm now quite tempted by the pumpkin Araline but must control myself.... "saving for the bronze Bayswater, saving for the bronze Bayswater, saving for the bronze Bayswater"

  8. It's on the outskirts of Shepton so you'd probably need a taxi from the station but they are great at posting out. If you do go, it's in a lovely old Victorian school building and there's a great coffee shop!

  9. No notebook, just an obsession with bags!
    I had to take my two boys but managed to get some time on my own by sending them with a £10 note into the coffee shop!
    It was when they began sliding the length of the shop on the wooden floor that it was clear it was time to leave...!!
    I was so proud of myself for resisting buying for the sake of it. So many times I've come out of there with a bag and realised I was swayed by the price. They don't do refunds only exchanges so I've learned from previous mistakes!
  10. I phoned at 10am this morning and they said they didn't have any chocolate bayswaters!!!!! i would have bought it there and then over the phone too!

  11. I'm sure I saw one in chocolate! I picked up a bag on the same shelf. I may be wrong and it might have been a Ledbury but I don't think so. One SA did say they'd just had a bag delivery.
  12. I phoned and was told they didn't have any oak Bayswaters!
  13. Do you know if they have an e - mail address and if they ship in Europe?

  14. maybe I'm getting paranoid but maybe they don't want to sell them over the phone to us!!! unfortunately I don't live near an outlet or a Mulberry shop!
  15. Weird, isn't it? The lady told me to call back tomorrow, so perhaps you should do the same. I'm still undecided over the oak or chocolate, they are both so lovely.