Just been given a Chanel bag by a relative??

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  1. Just been given a chanel flap or 2.55 bag. It has no serial number but other elements seem pretty real from what I can work out

    However, it has a gold stamp with CHANEL with the words MADE IN PARIS UNDERNEATH but the chanel logo has no registration R above it...is it a fake do you think???
  2. I'd ask this in the Authenticate this Chanel thread in the Chanel Shopping subforum.

    But just from experience I think there's a good chance that is a fake. But the experts over at the ATC will tell you for sure.
  3. Oops djrr...I didn't see that you had responded. I must have been typing my response when you submitted your reply. :P
  4. "made in Paris"? sorry, fake

    it should be a country.. Made in FRance, Italy, etc

    Chanel with "paris" underneath it could be OK (authenticate to be sure).. but not the "made in"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.