Just because its frustrating me...

  1. Anyone know the answer to these two questions...

    1. How can you combine orders in store and on the offical UK website(the SA at Edin did not know)?

    2. How do you move things from current purchases to purchase history on the Offical website-some have been there for months!?

    Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. No idea! But i would like to know aswell!
  3. do you mean order something from the store and online and have them delivered together? that can not be done, they come from 2 different places.
  4. No clue, sorry!
  5. No like ive ordered online and have them purchases
    Then ive bought stuff from store and have them purchases.

    I have two separate accounts with purchases in, and the SA didnt know how to join them...is that more clear?
  6. ^ it sucks but the accounts cant be joined. iv bought things in the US and they dont show up when i get things in my store.
  7. Too right it sucks....LV should do something about this. In store it looks like i never buy anything(im quite far from a store)...and then online i have a nice list of things. O well...thanks anyways!
  8. i know! i think hermes combine everything, maybe we could bankrupt our families by buying birkins instead. lol