Just Because it's Designer Doesn't Mean it's Good - Post your WTH Finds!

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  1. image.jpeg I was discussing with @gail13 the difference in taste in bags my mom and I have. She recently brought over this bag because she thought it was "so cool!" It's now sitting in my home giving me (and I hope you) entertainment. All I keep thinking is Donald Trump dyed his hair!

    Please post any crazy bags you have seen for a good laugh!
  2. OMG this is quite something. I can't imagine where you'd wear this other than to a Halloween party?
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  3. I am sure we can make this work if you'd like to be Trump for Halloween. I'll let you borrow it! My mom mentioned that it had a Chanel looking chain, so it has that going for it. As well as it can be worn cross body!
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  4. toupee on the go, with strap so you don't loose it LOL
  5. Too funny!! ❤️ that!
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  6. There have to be others that have WTH bags to share! Please post pics! I might have more of my own from my mom to post...
  7. That is quite the creature! What designer is this?
  8. It's Gaultier. It's stunning, no? :wtf:
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  9. Am I weird if I kind of like it? :biggrin: It looks very cuddly (like a small animal)! :heart::lol: Is it soft?
  10. LMAOOOOO! OMG, this little animal is too funny. I'm picturing it making little meep meep noises.
  11. Nope, not weird at all! It is actually pretty soft. Bag, small dog, cuddly pillow in one?
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  12. If it starts meep meeping, I'll be very afraid!
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  13. Ummm, no!:sad:
  14. Haha! I was just thinking that it would make a great pillow while traveling!
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  15. You're definitely giving me ideas on repurposing the bag!
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